There is definitely something wrong with Harris….

There is something disturbingly wrong with this woman.

First she laughs at the poor children on the border who are kept in the cages where they are over-crowded and suffering from Covid 19, and now this….

She is laughing at those parents who are not sending their children to school because to her “they will appreciate teachers”. How very petty as children do appreciate good teachers and it is quite disgusting that she laughs at the fact children are not being taught in school.

Biden and her have invited the poorest of all people in to the country and how are they going to send their children to school as there is no way that these children can access computers? Will she be laughing at them again and again. To think that this woman is the first female Vice President and all she does is laugh at the misery of others. This is a disturbing trait in people and it shows that she really does not care about what those who are considered beneath her.

After all, when a woman can so easily dismiss going to the Border to see the pain and suffering of children because she has the decorators in, she is showing her true colours and people it is not very nice. You had better hope that this woman does not become President because if she is….then you are in big trouble as she will just laugh in your faces from crisis to crisis.

She is in over her head and it is blatantly obvious here and it will only get worse…..god help the United States of America with those two in charge.

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