He is a very informative YouTuber who gives insight into how you can fight against police claims.

The thing that made my jaw drop was the high number of black people pulled over. Now don’t get me wrong when the police do everything by the book I will defend them, but when they do it wrong….they should be made to answer for it…they are not above the law and it is terrifying just how many police DON’T know the law

To all those people who have been pulled over purely for the colour of your skin….I am so sorry and in this beautiful country of ours it should never happen, and it needs to stop and I am offended that this happens and in this country we are all equal under the law….

Until the IOPC start believing the public and calling more police to book, this will go on and on….and it is giving those men and women who protect us daily a bad name and they do don’t deserve it. As I stated over the murder of George Floyd 99% of police are good people, it is the 1% that need to be kicked out as their behaviour puts us all at risk.

Anyway subscribe to him and if you ever need help….his videos are a goldmine.

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