Ban guns in the USA…

It is wrong that guns are so readily available, and that any nut or crank can walk into a supermarket, school or place of work and murder people.

I know I don’t see eye to eye with Biden, but I will give him credit for wanting some guns off the street, pity Obama didn’t do it, and now as President he can sign an executive order banning them….but he won’t.

Both houses won’t ban them due to a lot of politicians being in the pay of the Gun Lobby Group, and it is wide open to corruption but come on America, aren’t you tired of reading this?

Are you not tired of having your children murdered in school? Are you not tired of being scared to go into a supermarket or nightclub? Are you not tired of reading of the shooting deaths of so many fine police officers?

It is time to bring in new laws and ban the gun, and only law makers or people who have gone through the strictest criteria have them. Anyone who has an illegal gun and shoots someone should forfeit their life.

It can be changed if you want it so badly….

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