A voice from the people..

Listen to this wonderful chap from London and he destroys Owen (simpleton) Jones, and Ash (I don’t know what I am talking about) Sarkar, and realise that most normal people can see what they are…..pathetic race batters who hate Great Britain….BTW…they work for the Guardian…enough said. Lets get more of this fabulous guy on theContinue reading “A voice from the people..”

The author of finding freedom …..yawn…uses the race card…yawn.

Or as we know it the worst book ever written, yet here we have Omid Scobie trying the race card.. yawn….to blast the next book coming out about the Sussex duo. A more truthful account than his really awful effort. We know it was more to promote the Duchess of Untruths and Spin rather thanContinue reading “The author of finding freedom …..yawn…uses the race card…yawn.”