Its alright when Joe does it….

It seems the Presidents advisers have visited the holding areas for those migrants wanting to get into the United States of America and have shown him personally pictures of children in cages, but he has no plans to visit the area himself. I bet he hasn’t….

A large group of migrants from Central America is gathered after being apprehended by Border Patrol in Penitas, Texas on Friday, March 12th, 2021
The USA Border
A large group of migrants from Central America is gathered after being apprehended by Border Patrol in Penitas, Texas on Friday, March 12th, 2021. The migrants are classified, their property is checked and depending on their situation either transported to a processing center or returned to Mexico

A large group of illegal migrants being apprehended at the Border.

Where is the hue and cry from children being locked in cages? The uproar when Donald Trump CARRIED ON THE OBAMA LEGACY was deafening but people still defended Obama for doing it. When Trump got in my god the cries of abuser, inhuman monster reverberated around the world and now that Biden is in and doing nothing… comment.

Are the permanently offended really that hypocritical? It seems to be because they are simply saying nothing whilst Biden is carrying on the same thing. It must ok when Joe does it.

The Spokeswoman for the President when asked yesterday if the conditions were ok to the President and she replied ‘I certainly did not say that. The Border Patrol facilities are not facilities made for children. He is committed to expediting the processing at the border – one of the reasons he wanted a briefing from people who have been in there so he can see himself, what it looks like,’ she said. 

So he has the pictures and enough statements but yet has no plans to visit it himself, so that reply was nothing a whole lot of nothing and of course they will do what they always do and that is blame the Trump administration for starting the whole thing, when in reality it was OBAMA.

Opening up the border as Biden has done has produced a situation where the border officials are overwhelmed and cannot cope with the influx and where illegal immigrants are crossing the border in their thousands everyday, and where it seems so are the drugs as the cartel have realised that they can now just cross the border and nothing will happen.

The United States of America will be the ones to suffer as you will have millions of illegal immigrants, and an influx of drugs due to the ease of access for those we know are out to profit from drugs, and this will lead to an increase in drug dependency, an increase in crime, an increase in the breakdown of society.

I am not saying the border should be shut and it is the same with our own border, it should be made available for those who are desperately in need and who can show that they are true refugees in need of safety and no one would turn them away who has half a heart. I genuinely want to help those who are in such desperate need but sadly we know with those who are in need will also come along the kind that create mayhem and increase the crime rate, and yet Biden has no plans to visit the area overwhelmed. It is akin to Boris Johnson ignoring the landings in Dover which he is doing.

For starters children should never be separated from their parents whatsoever as it is traumatic, and those parents who are sending their children ahead should not be rewarded for this as they have put their child in danger and their entry should be banned. If you are in desperate need then come together and protect your children. There should be family units made available as children who are forcibly locked up will suffer for the rest of their lives and I thought the Democrats hated this, but it seems they only hated it under Donald Trump.

Time for the citizens of the United States of America to demand that their President gets his backside and his entourage down to the border and see the tide of misery he is causing as this will lead to some dramatic confrontations, and this will be because American citizens will have had enough. It seems there is a plan brewing and Labour did the same and that was if we let enough people in they will vote us in and keep us in power, and that backfired on Labour and now we are left with a population that we cannot cope with, a system where the NHS is at breaking point and where the duty of a government is now at the point of no return and the taxpayers are forced to pay more, and this is what is going to happen to the people of America and all because you have a weak President.

What sort of man can look at pictures of children in cages and do nothing there and then. It is inhumane and if he is prepared to do nothing now, then he will do nothing later as quite simply he would have forgotten all about it and the situation will get worse.

Welcome to Biden’s United States of America… what a screwed up utopia.

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