Biden calls Putin a Killer!!

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Biden as Vice President and his President Obama was responsible for dropping drones on innocent wedding parties in Pakistan and Afghanistan because they had a point to make and they killed thousands.

Biden within days of becoming President had ordered a strike on Syria to take out Iranian bad guys and whilst I am ok with that, I am not the one chucking out names such as Killer to a President of a country. You see diplomacy is needed here and Biden doesn’t know how to do that.

  • ‘He will pay a price,’ Biden said of Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a ‘killer’ with no soul  
  • Biden’s Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines found the Kremlin did not target U.S. election infrastructure in 2020 
  • Said they found no attempts ‘to alter any technical aspect of the voting process’
  • But it found that Russians were responsible for ‘denigrating President Biden’s candidacy’ in support of former President Donald Trump 

It seems that Biden is calling out Putin for no reason. His own Director of Naval Intelligence has found that the Russians and the Kremlin did not interfere with the US elections but Joe Biden does not want to hear this….this is not his narrative as he wants to be seen as a War President. After all Obama did and he wants to be seen in the same vein. Again, Trump managed the whole of his Presidency without creating a war and without resorting to name calling a Head of State.

Again, he has no diplomacy.

Is the President of the United States really saying that they are so weak that there is interference in their elections? If that is so then the United States of America is a really weak country or that such interference is only in their heads and is living rent free there, and showing that the President is delusional.

Apparently Biden is upset and decided to attack Putin for nothing more than Putin wanting Trump back in. He is upset that Putin degenerated his campaign. Nope Biden did that all by himself you only have to look at the videos, and some of them you just want to go and scrub yourself clean after watching but again he is obsessed with looking like a hard man on the world stage, but what we really are seeing is someone who is hysterical and delusional.

If he can get that worked up and call the Head of State because of something he perceived they had done, what on earth will he do when something actually happens??

Biden stated that Putin would pay the price for this. What price is that? Sanctions or use of the military? Either way this is the start of a slanging match created by the President of the United States and makes him look very weak on the world stage after all if a preference for another candidate upsets him how will he react when its serious?

Joe Biden said in a sit-down with ABC News that aired Wednesday morning that Russia would 'pay a price' for interfering in the 2020 U.S. election

The U.S. had already hinted that additional sanctions on Russians are coming before the release of the 15-page declassified version of the report. Asked about Biden’s ‘killer’ comment at the White House Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded: ‘I don’t have anything more for you to provide analysis on that.’She also defended Biden’s posture, saying he ‘does not hold back on his concerns about what we see as malign and problematic actions’ by Russia.

It seems the people in the White House need to gag this President before he starts something that they will pay the price for. I know that the Head of State of Russia is not a nice guy, he never has been but you do not poke the bear to the point it rears up and attacks you, and that is what Biden is wanting to do.

Again, America you seriously didn’t vote this man in did you? Diplomacy is not something he can achieve as he doesn’t know how too. He has no off button when it comes to his mouth and he just spouts anything regardless of the cost that others will pay and America you will pay for this sadly.

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