Well Done America…

First you vote in a senile old man as President, and then his Vice President in a online meeting with Irish Prime Minister starts off with her usual leftist claptrap.

How very unstatesman like of her to talk about and bad mouth her own country as being full murderers and racists on the world stage. We know who she will blame for this and it won’t be the rioters we have seen for months destroying towns, cities, livelihoods and homes…instead she will blame the average white American or even worse the police.

America you have let the enemy in through the front door never mind the back, and the cost will be civil war.

Kamala Harris hates the average working American and she will create havoc, mayhem, unrest, rioting and a civil war because it suits hers and the BLM/Antifa movement and the aim is to keep her in power. Expect to see restrictions of movement, an increase in arrests and the desire to control parts of the USA that she views as racist. She won’t be happy until she can see misery for those people she despises….the Trump supporters as they are ones she views and judges with her warped sense of entitlement.

Yet this is the woman who said she absolutely believed those who came forward stating Biden had assaulted them, and then backtracked when asked to be the running mate of the man the women accused. This is the woman who has looked the other way whilst Biden has been free to roam and sniff disturbingly every young female he comes across, and this is the type of woman she is….she just laughs it all off.

After all its already started with loans to farmers. If you are a coloured farmer the money is free….but if you are white then you either don’t get any help or have to pay it back.

This is creeping racism that has all hallmarks of Harris and her woke agenda, and I feel so sorry for those who didn’t vote for Biden or Harris…..

Anerica what have you done??

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