The beauty that is India…and its people.

I like to think that I am very lucky in life as I have a wonderful family and friends and that friendship has been boosted by my becoming friends with some wonderful people from India.

This friendship has been thriving now for a couple of years now and children have come along for them and I get so many beautiful videos from their children and have been blessed to have been accepted and called Aunty Sue. Nothing is more lovely than seeing the next generation and knowing that you love them and their parents. In some cases it is now a 3rd Generation as I have luckily gotten to know the parents of my friends.

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Chittogarh Fort
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City of Mumbai

I am hoping that when all these restrictions are over that I and Mr Points of Sue will finally go and visit India as it a country of vibrant colour, a country of vibrant people and one where you arrive a stranger and leave a friend. India is a good friend to the United Kingdom and we are so blessed to have them wanting to be with us and I know that from joining in their celebrations here in the United Kingdom it is a life that has joy, laughter and lots of dancing with a lot of colour… awful lot of colour.

If someone had said to me 10 years ago that I would work with 12 of the most delightful Indian ladies I would have been amazed, but I have and there were stunningly beautiful and so kind. I got to chatting with my Indian friends on a train station as we all caught the train to work, and I did not feel like the odd one out because I was the only English woman but rather it became a joy to know that at the top of the stairs waiting on the platform were friends. I got chatting to two Indian Males and they have stayed in touch with me and I have seen them grow from being single men to in a relationship and one married. He didn’t want to tell his mother that his friend was a grandmother at the age of 41 as she would have never given him peace god love him but she is a grandmother now and there are two children, and to be a part of this is wonderful.

One of my friends went back to India and there has been the invite to come and see them and I want to go in a heartbeat as the history, the architecture and the intrigue that is India will keep me busy taking photographs. I want to see the India that is not the tourist routes but where the real people live and to get to know more of them as I can honestly say that I have never been made to feel more welcome from a most beautiful set of people in my life, and for me that bond of love and trust gets stronger by the day.

If you ever have a destination that you want to make one day then let it be beautiful India because there people are loyal and loving and it will be magical, and you will take a piece of India in your heart with you when you leave.

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