People forget….

That Prince William, Duke of Cambridge is also the son of Princess Diana. Shame on Harry and his wife for using her death for their gain….After all he opened up to a room full of bankers for £750,000 about his misery and his mother….

Thank goodness we have William who has put his duty to the people first. He will make a fantastic King and have the love of his people…..his brother and sister in law….can cancel themselves as no one cares about the self promoting, narcissistic untruths they are spouting on Oprah for nothing more than getting their grubby hands on money.

Remember Harry if she can throw your 94 year old Grandmother under the bus, your father, brother and sister in law….then when its your turn…she will chew you up and spit you out….as it is all for her fame, her money and her victimised and when he is no use….he will be unwanted baggage.

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