When your love for your pet….

Outweighs all common sense.

For instance the Points of Sue family have called it a night but not before 2 cats have their bedtime snacks put out, and their clean fleece blankets put in their sleeping beds, and then making sure that all the windows are secure as one of them Sooty is a cat version of Harry Houdini. Then both Fudge and Sooty are left with their toys, food and water, and then they chase each other round the house all night.

First time it happened I thought it was burglars, and Sooty is very, very vocal.

Then….when that’s done….Zeus. First of all has to have his meds which is turning into some unique slight of hand tricks by me to make sure he has it,as it controls his thirst a manageable level and his neurological problems.

Then up the stairs to put his mats down as Zeus is incontinent, he always has been. He has to have more water than most dogs due to his special needs and the upshot is he passes more wee, and that is after we have completed a last minute walk to let him piddle to his hearts content.

Then once the mats go down…the half door is swung into action and we can make sure Zeus does not go anywhere but his mats, and then true to form my shadow has to be glued right next to me all night . As I type now he is on my pillow and my head is on him ..he has no idea of spatial awareness, and he has to during the night get between the two of us. He is the noisest drinker I have ever heard and he is only a JRT, and more often than not there needs to be a trip to the bathroom for more water, and more sheets needed. A boil wash in the morning gets them as good as new.

More often than not I have to move up for Fudge who has gone from being the most anti social cat, to suddenly having to sleep on my side of the bed. So the picture so far is cat, me, dog and hubby and then…Sooty with her no no no babble and your feet get attacked, but it’s funny as she has no top teeth. We rescued her in a terrible state and she was very neglected and abused….the same as Fudge …

It is more difficult getting the pets to settle down than ever it was with the children, but do you know what….I wouldn’t have it any other way as they are the most beautiful, loving, loyal family members and the joy they give us far outweigh the cost of meds, the constant check ups, the vet bills, the disturbed sleep….because they will love us the whole of their lives, and to Zeus I am his life and the feeling is mutual.

When you have such pure love and loyalty in your life, you dont need the negative….I just need that wet nose shoved in my face in a morning to wake me up. The pure joy in my boy Zeus because I am awake and despite the fact he spent the night right next to me, and the purring of contentment from my girls is a great way to start the day….then up and feed time.

What is better than that…..

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