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Well, we are finally getting our children back into their places of learning at long last from Monday 8th March 2021. Like any parent or grandparent there has been worry that they are missing out and their education suffer, but I must confess that my daughter has done a fantastic job home schooling 3 of them. Not one of my grandchildren has missed a day’s online school and once grandad and I purchased 3 computers for them it got a lot easier, and MS teams and Zoom is a god send and it also kept the children in touch with their friends and their schoolteachers, and they needed that interaction to keep close to their peers and keep the friendships going as especially with autistic children change is not good.

My daughter like most parents is now exhausted and eagerly waiting for them to go back to school, and I hope the preparations are in place for the return. There needs to be constant testing, and we sadly have had to inform our daughter that we cannot see the children for two weeks as we have to make sure that they do not become infected with the virus. It is two weeks too long for me and grandad, as this pandemic has shown us what is most important in life and that is not riches, big flash cars, designer wear, big fancy houses nor huge bank accounts but our children, our family and those we love the most.

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Being in the family bubble due to two of our grandchildren being autistic, I can only say that having done some of their homework with them that teachers are wonderful people and I can say that I was scratching my head a few times trying to work out what was needed, and I am at University myself….So I want to say now to the teachers thank you for doing what you do, and for teaching our children and yes the Summer is too long and it needs to be cut down to regular breaks but 6 weeks is too long, and the children are now sadly having to catch up, but we know they will do it as we have faith not only in our children but also in the teaching establishments that they attend.

I can see it now that every parent who finally kisses their children off to school and then go indoors, lock the door and party….as it has been a long year and to those parents who stood up and took on the task of home schooling their children well done as seeing my daughter do it….it was not easy and you have my total respect for surviving the year and supporting not only your children, but also making sure their education did not suffer too much.

There will be catching up but now when a child approaches their parent or grandparent to do a half an hour….there will be no moaning as 30 minutes after this….easy…..

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