A Pontiff for Peace….

His Holiness Pope Francis has arrived in Iraq to show that peace is what the world needs, especially as so many Iraqi Christians have been murdered or forced out by the ISIS.

Francis has pushed ahead with the trip despite fears for his safety amid a deteriorating security situation in Iraq which saw an American contractor die in an attack on a military base this week
His Holiness arriving in Iraq

His plane landed at 1.55pm, flying the flags of both Vatican City and Iraq as it taxied on the tarmac at Baghdad International Airport, where Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhemi greeted him. ‘With love and peace, Iraq’s people and government are welcoming His Holiness Pope Francis and reaffirming the depths of this humanitarian bond,’ Kadhemi said ahead of the pope’s arrival. Francis subsequently met Iraqi president Barham Salih and other authorities gathered at the Baghdad palace inside the heavily fortified Green Zone, telling them that no one should be considered a second-class citizen. He said Iraqis of all faiths deserve to have the same rights and protections as the Shiite Muslim majority, in a country facing turmoil beset by both political violence and the effects of the pandemic. 

It seems that His Holiness and I am nowt a religious person is trying to stop what could be a war breaking out, especially as we now have Biden in the Whitehouse. He knows the region is volatile and it will take a special kind of somebody to calm down those who want to destroy any other religion, or way of life both in Iraq and in the Whitehouse. Maybe the next place his Holiness needs to visit is the Whitehouse and put Biden in his place as he will undo all the Pontiffs good work with the next bombing he decides to commit.

The Pontiff is going to a dangerous place in a dangerous time, not only because they are a rogue state but also with the Covid 19 pandemic as very few Iraqis have been vaccinated, and he is prepared to do all that to try and show the Middle East that all religion is acceptable, and that regardless of what murderers try to do by their vile actions, that to some religion will always win out.

How different from times of old when a Pope would call for actions against such a country, but thankfully that backward thing has gone and we have what I believe to be a very good man in the chair. I have long given up on my Catholic faith especially considering that when Mr Points of Sue and I were informed that in the eyes of the Catholic Church we were not married with him being Jewish, (not that I ever asked but rather a family member who thought they were doing good), and I recoiled like many when we read constantly of the perverts in the Catholic Church, but I do believe this man, Pope Francis is a good man and he is trying his best in an archaic system that seems to only want to benefit itself with the riches of the world, and live in such splendour that if Christ himself returned he would look at what they have done in his name and weep. However, again I do believe that this Pope is trying to change and it is small changes that one day will become big changes and he will be fought against every step of the way, as they might be churchmen and in high positions but they are certainly no Christians.

Francis speaks at the presidential palace on Friday where he gave a rousing call for peace following years of political strife
His Holiness Pope Francis calling for peace at the Presidential Palace.

His Holiness asked people to look beyond our differences’ in a country ravaged by ISIS that is home to one of the world’s most persecuted Christian communities.  Delivering a message of hope to worshippers in Iraq, he paid tribute to the ‘age-old presence of Christians in this land, and their contributions to the life of the nation’, but he also reached out to Yazidis who were killed and tormented by ISIS, saying that ‘here, among so many who have suffered, my thoughts turn to the Yazidis, innocent victims of senseless and brutal atrocities’. 

Francis, who said he was travelling to Iraq as a ‘pilgrim of peace’ on his first foreign trip since the start of the pandemic, will also extend a hand to Shiite Muslims when he meets Iraq’s top cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani.  ‘Only if we learn to look beyond our differences and see each other as members of the same human family will we be able to begin an effective process of rebuilding and leave to future generations a better, more just and more humane world,’ he said, describing religious minorities as a ‘precious resource’ to be protected.  (all excerpts from the Daily Mail)

I hope that His Holiness is successful as the world cannot stand by and let ISIS rape, murder, mutilate and torture those minorities who should be protected, and in the same breath he should slap down the US President who seems hell bent on creating more death, destruction and wars than his idol Obama.

I would not like to be in the shoes of the fisherman whilst he navigates this political minefield.

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