1% for nurses…now that is an insult.

Like millions of others I came to rely on the medical staff to offer us protection and medical help when we needed it and boy did we need it during this pandemic. When the world looked a scary place, those angels in NHS uniform came and wrapped their wings around us as a nation and said don’t worry…we have got this.

Every week we were out clapping for them and it seemed so little compared to what they were doing but clap we did, and day after day we read with deep upset how those who were our nurses and Doctors were dying from this horrid virus, yet still they went out into the world knowing that it could kill them and did it to protect us and no one would have shouted out no if they have given the nursing staff a pay rise to match the courageous effort they made.

I am ashamed to say that all this Government, a Government I voted for could do is offer a miserly 1%….there needs to another 5 put after that as they have earned this and more with every one of them who died. They did it because they believed in helping us and now we must help them and demand a 15% pay raise for them. If this country can afford more then why not make it more?

Lets tax those companies who have made an unbelievable profit from this pandemic and the taxes should go straight to the NHS staff. After all what company is going to complain when they have to pay that?

This is cruel and yes it is an insult and both Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock should be ashamed. Especially Boris as he was nursed at the gravest of times for him personally by NHS staff. Is this really how you reward those who put us before their own family? I am sure that many a children and partner were dreading each and every day their loved one was out doing what they do best, and they would have preferred their loved one safe and sound in their home.

I am bitterly disappointed that this pandemic has not taught the Government a lesson and that is we rely on those people who seem to take home such a miserly amount, it is almost laughable if it wasn’t serious and that it is no longer film stars, celebrities etc that we turned too…but real life heroes.

Matt Hancock risked angering the NHS further tonight as he claimed a 1 per cent pay rise for frontline staff was 'fair' and insisted no-one cares about nurses more than him

I feel in a way that Matt Hancock has been totally dishonest with the public as he bleated on week after week how it was important to protect the NHS, yet he has done the one thing that could tip it and that is offer a miserly amount. I am finding myself in full agreement with the Unions and I often wonder as I get a bit older whether I am becoming a rebel but they must fight for what belongs to them and that is a decent wage as promised. I lost count of the number of times some Minister went on TV and said yes we will reward the NHS for their work and then this. It is smoke and mirrors and they had no intention of paying a decent increase. After all the vaccine is here now and that is what they have been banking on. Shame on them and I have said it once and I will say it again, Matt Hancock is not fit to be the Health Minister.

Mr Hancock said tonight: ‘The evidence that was put forward yesterday was on the basis of affordability. We’ve proposed what we think is affordable to make sure that in the NHS people do get a pay rise. ‘I think it is fair to take into account all the considerations, the incredible hard work of those in the NHS, which means they are not part of the overall public sector pay freeze and also what’s affordable as a nation.’ , (www.dailymail.co.uk)

Should we really be looking at affordability when we have had the super rich raiding the furlough scheme because they are too tight to actually pay out of their own pocket, or the track and trace app which cost hundreds of millions and turned out to be a total disaster. Jobs for the chums of the Tory party but yet nothing for the backbone of this country.

Health minister Nadine Dorries - a former nurse - pointed out that the rest of the public sector is facing a complete freeze, warning that the government cannot 'afford' to be as generous as it would like with national debt soaring towards £2.8trillion

Health minister Nadine Dorries – a former nurse – pointed out that the rest of the public sector is facing a complete freeze, warning that the government cannot ‘afford’ to be as generous as it would like with national debt soaring towards £2.8trillion.

In a round of interviews, she said had been ‘pleasantly surprised’ that a 1 per cent offer had been possible – and dismissed the idea that staff will quit, stressing people work in roles such as nursing because they ‘love the job’.  Wow how much more insulting can this woman get? As a Cabinet Minister she is on at least £140K with those oh so generous expenses they seem to dip their hands into so often, and lets face it no Government Minister went out of their way to to tackle this virus and instead hid behind their computer for meetings etc. So, this is an even bigger slap in the face and she seems delighted. How absolutely out of touch is both Nadine Dorries and Matt Hancock and now they are political hand grenades and need firing.

Nurses described the planned pay rise as ‘insulting’, with many revealing the boost would not cover their weekly parking fees at NHS hospitals. Multiple healthcare staff said the proposal would see them take home around £3.50 extra per week. Well there is nothing like the Government telling you, you are only worth that much after a pandemic….shame on them. Ameera Sheikh, an intensive care nurse and Unite union representative, said increasing costs of living had left people struggling on stagnant wages. She said the support the Government had shown earlier in the pandemic now feels ‘fake’.

Holly Turner, a nurse from Colchester, said it was ‘absolutely devastating’ to see the Government ‘place no value in us whatsoever’, and I totally agree. It must be so upsetting and we need to start writing to the Government, to Matt Hancock and Nadine Dorres although I would think those two rhino skinned politicians will ignore it, but we should demand a better deal for the nurses, and warn Boris Johnson that the Tories will be at risk if they do not reward those who saved us.

I for one am disgusted and I normally vote conservative but it seems that in this case they are turning out to be the nasty party and it is an insult. More money for the NHS and nursing staff…..that should be our battle cry.

At this moment in time I am ashamed to be a Conservative………..

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