Biden dismisses the Uighur Genocide

At 5:02 on the video The President of the United States, Joe Biden dismisses the incarceration, slavery, rapes, forced sterilization and genocide of Uighurs in concentration camps in China as nothing more than different norms.

When not killing indiscriminately in Syria, he is dismissing the genocide of a muslim minority. Yet the Left woke called Donald a bad man but funny how they create more wars, death and despair by their actions.

It is disgusting that he can so easily dismiss this as nothing to get concerned about….wow way to go Biden…just dismissing the fate of millions as nothing to see here folks.

Still guess Biden snr has to play by the rules due to the millions his son gets from China, and which when investigated will no doubt bring out his skeletons….and what is the genocide of a people when it comes to protecting close interests.

America what the hell did you vote in?

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