Sir Keir’s big announcement was as welcome as a wet weekend…..

Que the drum roll……and there was this exciting news that Sir Keir Starmer was going to come along his charger and rescue the country as he sees fit in terms of economic recovery. It seems that Sir Keir has forgotten that we are in the middle of a pandemic as the rest of the world is….except China… what news of this marvellous economic recovery

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First of all we were treated to the fact that he planned to go back to the 1940s for his prime example. Now, don’t get me wrong Mr Atlee was by all account a thoroughly decent chap and he did with the help of other cross parties come up with the NHS but lets not forget, that Mr Atlee only got in to power because the bulk of the military were overseas. I can remember my father telling me that the men in his unit did not get to vote so it was purely based on those who were here. So not really a true vote but one that no doubt Labour cling too…

So, there is Sir Keir standing in an empty room which was quite telling really as he was full of his empty promises, and yes I know it is a pandemic but the empty room is symbolic. I have to add that when a think tank tells the leader of Her Majesty’s official opposition that to be seen to be patriotic he must stand in front of a flag I though wow….just wow!!! Surely, he should come across patriotic everyday of the week rather than just a gimmick that we can see through. Quite sad really when you think that someone who is so educated has no common sense at all but then we are talking the Labour party and its endless cycle of leaders.

Then we hear how Sir Keir and the Labour party had come up with the idea of Government bonds. Woah…wait a minute did not one George Osborne a Conservative Chancellor actually come out with that? I digress anyway the idea is that in the times of a Labour Government those of us with some money to spare would buy these bonds to enable the Government to make use of the interest of it, and that the person would benefit too from some of the interest. Well, there is already a bond available and it is called the Premium bonds and I am one of those who are lucky to have those, and if you have spare money put it in there as you don’t lose your money and there is a chance to win.

As for the Labour bonds well there is a huge problem with that as every time Labour get into power they bankrupt the economy so your bond could well be worth less than you have paid for it as not once would I trust any Labour Chancellor with a penny of my money. They would be busy with government jobs that are a waste of time, investing in the most ridiculous of things and losing money every step of the way. After all who can forget a member of the Labour Chancellors office who wrote that there is no money left when the Conservatives took over, and he was not kidding. Whilst it might be funny how depressing would that of been when having left the country to the Labour party the Conservatives had left a booming economy, and within 10 years…all gone….not a brass farthing left.

He also called for a new relationship between Labour and Business, but Socialism is not the art of big business. Socialism is where they carry on spending other peoples money till it has all run out. So I guess Tony Blair and the Labour party stood true to their socialist roots and we know that Labour will just put more and more interest and charges on any business as lets face, they see that big business and wealthy people are the enemy of the country and they have history of forcing businesses to pay.

There is also the fact that this great trumpted rollout consisted of only TWO policies in almost 30 minutes and both of these came from the Conservative Party, so again poor old Sir Keir really has no idea and his criticism on twitter was numerous….Keir Starmer faced harsh criticism on Twitter after his speech which outlined only two Labour policies. He announced a new partnership between business and the state is needed as the country rebuilds from the coronavirus crisis. The Labour leader said Labour will commit to a policy of “financial responsibility” but with an active Government that “knows the value of public services not just the price in the market”. but this is a Labour Government he is talking about and they know the price of nothing really, and is it really sensible to be making such points with over 3 and half years to any election?

TalkRADIO host James Whale wrote on Twitter: “Still watching Keir Starmer, it’s getting worse.It’s embarrassing. Who on earth told him to do these moody looks into the camera and lean on the podium “Just the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen.”

Arthur O’Hara from Startup Organic added: “Sir Keir Starmer’s speech on the economy goes down like wet rag. “He’s too sour for starters. Preaching doom and gloom in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic is not welcome.”

Amanda Milling, Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party, told “Keir Starmer said this speech would deliver his big vision for the future of the country, a ‘policy blitz’ with ideas to rival Beveridge and relaunch his failing leadership. But there are only two new policies – one taken from the Conservatives and the other from the CPS, the think tank co-founded by Margaret Thatcher.

You know Sir Keir is in trouble when he has a lower rating that Matt Hancock. If Labour want to win power then they need to scrap the current MPs as any leader and start again as the shower such as Dawn Butler, David Lammy, John McDonnell, Rebecca Long Bailey and all the other British hating MPs are the reason why Starmer will not be PM because the Labour Party is a failed party. It does not represent the working man and it capitulated to a mob when true leadership was needed and that is something Sir Keir Starmer cannot and does not understand.

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