When will the woke left put the blame where it belongs….

Watching AlJazeera this morning….I swear to god my head exploded…

There has been an increase of violence on Asian Americans and the videos were shown and the majority of attacks were committed by other ethnic minorities….but the woke offended can’t help themselves and out came the blame game, or rather the blame target.

Helen Zia, an Chinese American Journalist stated that white privilege is to blame as it divides people of colour…yes us white people got the blame. For god sake this is ridiculous. Since when has a black person pushing over an 84 year old Chinese American been the fault of a white person?

Put the blame where it is….with thugs. It is nothing to do with white people when someone of a different colour attacks an Asian person? I appreciate that white people can attack and I have seen the videos but to put all the blame on white skin shows how utterly ridiculous her argument is. It is rather individuals being abusive and violent because that is the way they are.

I guess the left’s narrative is that small that they can’t see how ridiculous their argument is, and Zia has dark glasses on too by her argument, and shame on Aljazzera for not stopping her spouting her waffle.

Apparently saying the word China is racist when describing the Virus, yet they quite happily call it the United Kingdom strain. Double standards of hypocrisy.

For whatever reason thugs as that is what they are…thugs are attacking elderly American Asians or women in the mistaken belief that they are carrying the virus.

Let’s get matters put right here….the WHO is wrong and the virus came from China, and I am not saying it was done deliberately as I hope no one in power is that evil that they would do that, but it did come from there. Saying China does not make me racist….its a country.

The double standards is falling as it is ok to blast my country but not others.

What I do condone is attacking anyone.

The attacks on elderly people, women and children because of a mistaken belief shows how stupid the attackers are, and it is shameful that people are doing this as no one should be scared of walking down the street…and I hope the courts lock them up for a very long time.

However this is nothing to do with white privilege and to say it is not only causes a deep resentment, but will add fuel to the fire of the culture war and quite frankly to blame us for others failings is racist.

Might I suggest Ms Zia take off her leftist glasses, stop spouting utter tosh and see it for what it is. Otherwise, she will continue to spout her racist garbage and things because of the likes of her could get worse.

After all….they will be blaming the white person for the demise of the dinosaurs the way they are going….

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