Stop Trashing Our History….whether its our Empire or our greatest Prime Minister.

Opening up the newspaper this morning and I think the top of my head blew….and why?? Yet again we are having so called academics trying to trash the history of our greatest War Time Leader Sir Winston Churchill, and our glorious soldiers and our Empire.

I knew when I read Kehinde Andrews comments that “well did Churchill go and fight?”…I thought oh dear and this man is going to present a discussion? Any first year undergraduate would say if you put that argument in an assignment you would get a fail. Failure to check that Sir Winston was in his 60s at the start of the war would suggest that he would not fight, but what he did do was contribute to the greatest win the world has seen and one where evil was defeated to save people of all colours and all religion.

Andrews stated that our glorious Prime Minister was a white supremacist and yet again this shows how this individual has no idea of who Churchill was. He was not a white supremacist but rather a member of the aristocracy, and he thought as an aristocrat and life was no great shakes for the poor of this country yet when the call to arms came they did not think that nope I am not fighting for Churchill, instead they went to war as my own darling father did at the tender age of 16 and he did so because he knew the enemy was evil and that men of all colour, all religions were needed to fight Nazi Germany.

Andrews is nothing more than trying to trash our history as it suits his leftist woke narrative and I have had the displeasure to hear him on GMB stating that our bombing of German cities was a war crime during WW2, without explaining that the Nazis had obliterated Warsaw, Stalingrad, Leningrad and many others and had committed Blitzkrieg against every country they invaded and murdered everyone who stood in their way. He neglected to add that the Nazis had the V1 and V2 rockets that were dispatched to murder individuals on this island and without the allies finding them they would have carried on murdering and killing indiscriminately, but don’t let facts get in the way of trashing our greatest Prime Minister and our wonderful, brave, glorious history.

Andrews and the other so called academics are determined to trash this country and why because they have done nothing of benefit to this country? Again as every first year undergraduate knows you have to present both sides of an argument and they are doing neither because they can’t, they have to many bigoted views against us and our history.

To say that the British Empire was far worse than the Nazis is an insult and one too far. If they so hate this country and our values and our beloved Prime Minister then why are they still here? Why don’t they go and live somewhere where they idiotic woke rubbish would be listened too as our wartime leader is loved by millions. He was then and he still is and I get goosebumps when I hear his speeches as they gave the fighting men the same Spirit as Henry V did at Agincourt.

I am absolutely positive that if Winston Churchill could have joined up he would have. After all, he was a former soldier and you have to ask yourself what has Kehinde done for his country? I can answer that….absolutely nothing except try and trash our history and these people must be stopped.

One of those giving a talk is Professor Priya Gopal is a fellow at Churchill College Cambridge and staunch critic of the British Empire. Professor Gopal, who was born in India, sparked anger last summer after tweeting ‘White Lives Don’t Matter. As white lives’. So her credentials are not exactly in our favour and why are they allowing people such as this to speak? Its not as if she can actually give a clear argument but rather a one sided bias view. This is not academia to me but rather a pathetic attempt to trash our history yet again.

Professor Priya Gopal

Professor Kehinde Andrews
Kehinde Andrews and his pathetic attempt to yet again trash our history.

Andrews has stated that our empire was far worse than the Nazis. He is outrageous and wrong. He is trying to judge history on a standard that does not apply today. The fight against the Nazis cannot be compared to our Empire as India still upholds the traditions we introduced and if we are so horrible why have I spent the last 10 years in the company of wonderful people from India who bear me nor my country any ill will? Why is India in our commonwealth? If we were so horrid why are so many countries in what has moved on from the Empire to a Commonwealth??

I find it abhorrent that people like this can so easily dismiss the gassing and murder of over 6 million Jews of which my husband’s family suffered and they were not British, but rather Belorussian and has he ever looked at a family tree and see dozens and dozens of peoples lives just stop in 1942? They were of all ages including children and the elderly, people who had done nothing wrong other than being Jewish in the eyes of monsters. There were also Catholics, Roma gypsies, black people and we know that they were murdered by the Nazis as it is documented that Black Germans were murdered because of them being what they viewed as racially impure…..there were victims from everywhere, and I do not remember seeing quotes or my father telling me as a mere boy of 17 helping to liberate a concentration camp that Sir Winston only told them to liberate the white British people. Their argument like them is purely for baiting those of us who hold Sir Winston and our Empire close to our hearts and who celebrate what it means to be British.

They have no idea because they do not want too. Kehinde even wanted to ban our patriotic songs at Last Night of the Proms because of the slavery. Well, life wasn’t much fun for the poor before WW1 but these people don’t want to read that and they hate the fact that we are proud of our history. They don’t want to read of power houses, work houses, children dying before the age of 5 and low wages and dying of starvation. It doesn’t suit them that British people suffered during the times they are discussing because it doesn’t suit their narrative of hating this country, and hating everything that we value so much.

Sir Winston Churchill led this country and the Empire through its darkest hours and he and the people of this country and yes our Empire fought against evil because it was the right thing to do, and to prevent the slavery of others regardless of their colour or their religion, but the likes of Andrews cannot see this as he has no idea what it means to serve your nation, and to say it was worse than the Nazis shows what a fool he is. He might be able to pass exams but he has no idea of the subject matter he is so willing to trash. He has no idea what it means to proud of your nation and he has no idea what it means to look at a man like Sir Winston and be grateful for the freedom we have now. My father and the working class of this country along with those who were born with silver spoons earned that freedom, and how dare this individual say that our Empire was far worse because we still had our Empire at this time and it is disgusting what he said.

My great grandfather fought for the Empire and I can trace my family of soldiers back to the 17th century and before that and I am proud that my family along with millions of others to know that in a way our ancestors helped shape this country and others. The lot of an ordinary soldier was not a good one during these times and I have the rather strange family history of aristocrats on one side of the family, and ordinary soldiers in the other but all in a way helped to mould the world we have today, but what they did is history and it is no use trying to keep the soldiers and politicians of yesterday to todays standards. History is history and should be at all times factual and not up for their one sided bigoted view such as Kehinde’s.

When he actually serves this country then he will know the pride in it that millions like me feel and I will not have him, nor his leftist whinging chums destroy a history that is centuries old. Where would it stop? Do I blame the French for murdering my relatives in the Huguenot massacres. Shall we blame Spain and France for their slavery in foreign lands? After all why has Kehinde not done that? A slave is a slave in any language and we know that massacres are plenty throughout history, yet he does not pick on that!

No he picks on our glorious history and the fact that this small country with its dominions overseas beat a monstrosity that he has no understanding of, and why….because he hates this country. He hates our history and our ability to change things and his only way of trying to sully that is through his backward looking view.

The likes of Kehinde will be forgotten soon enough as he is of no importance, him or the other lecturers who give their warped view…but Sir Winston Churchill belongs to the ages and to our glorious history and no lob sided warped view of our history will destroy that.

He can have his bigoted lecture but no serious historian will take it as anything other than a rant because it is a rant. He has so often on the TV tried to rubbish our history that he can no longer be taken seriously, as if he was actually in the beginning and I wish the Universities would look seriously as those people who are destroying the minds of our young, especially as they will struggle when they hit the real world and realise that people like me treat the likes of Kehinde with the contempt he deserves.

After all do they really think that those grand old chaps who march past the cenotaph on remembrance Sunday are bigoted? Is he really trying to say that our soldiers are racist? Those grand old men who have earned their medals for bravery during our Empire as it was still there in WW2, are worthy of praise and love and not some jumped up lecture that is purely based on a pathetic ideology.

Sir Winston Churchill and our Empire belongs to the glorious history of this country and yes we must learn from its mistakes but there is looking at both sides of the argument, and that is where the likes of Kehinde and his left wing chums fail. They cannot bear the thought that good came out of the Empire and especially when so many joined up to help us fight an evil that would have engulfed the war. If you think about it if we were so bad then how come so many instead of fighting with the Nazis to bring this so called “racist” nation down?

His argument is based on flawed bigoted views and I for one cannot take this man seriously and no-one should as his thoughts couldn’t hold water never mind historical views and I say lets have more of Sir Winston Churchill, the Empire and our valiant fight in the Wars and people like Kehinde can take his view and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, as I can look at this gorgeous country and feel pride. In a way I pity him…as he has no idea what that is and until he does then giving a lecture of both sides is something he will never do.

I think the best thing to do is ignore him and hopefully he will just go away and take his rather pathetic views with him and shame on Cambridge for allowing this as so many of those who fought for the Empire and in future wars were young men from Cambridge, who then went into the army as Leaders and they are allowing this nobody to trash their history and their sacrifice. Shame on them and their pathetic attempt to be woke.

I say up the Empire and the sun never sets on it and Sir Winston is one of our greatest Prime Ministers and he should be celebrated and Rule Britannia as we are the Land of Hope and Glory.

The British Empire was branded ‘far worse than the Nazis’ during a controversial debate about Sir Winston Churchill’s (pictured) legacy last night
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