Poor flood defences cost lives, and heart-breaking damage.

Inspections found that more than 3,400 crucial flood defence assets across England were in poor condition last year, according to figures seen by Unearthed. The finding comes as communities across the north grapple with the consequences of flooding, with 53 flood alerts active across England as of Sunday afternoon. New data, obtained from the EnvironmentContinue reading “Poor flood defences cost lives, and heart-breaking damage.”

It has taken less than a week…

For Biden’s administration to hit problems. It seems that the administration cannot account for some 20 million plus vaccines going missing. Oh dear better start the hunt then Joe…. To quote President Biden…if it happens on his watch its his responsibility (he was of course referring to President Trump), but this is now his administrationContinue reading “It has taken less than a week…”

Starmer isolating – is there a vote in the commons coming up?

For a third time Keir Starmer goes into isolation. Now call me an old cynic but is there something in parliament he wishes to avoid? Like the discussion on the £20 a week uplift for those on Universal Credit? Especially when it comes out that the Chancellor is likely to give those eligible a oneContinue reading “Starmer isolating – is there a vote in the commons coming up?”

Starmer needs to save us from Woke Nandy….

Well I can officially state that the Labour party have gone stark raving nuts. Labour shadow Foreign Secretary praises calls for British Army to be replaced with a ‘gender-balanced human security force’ in new woke row. Did she actually run this crazy through with anybody with half a brain? The Army is the Army andContinue reading “Starmer needs to save us from Woke Nandy….”

Instead of Nero and fire, we have Charlotte and floods.

Parts of Warrington were flooded the last couple of days and I am rather pleased that Andy Carter MP for Warrington South was actually out with the emergency services helping to evacuate the worst hit areas. He visited all the areas concerned and it is nice to know that one MP for Warrington was actuallyContinue reading “Instead of Nero and fire, we have Charlotte and floods.”

Labour cheating…

And breaking parliamentary laws in the process…..can anyone really be surprised?? The Labour party are the most dishonest party to sadly sit on the opposition benches these days. There is very little honour if any amongst any of them…. Wonder how General Disaster will deal with it ….or NOT….which is his stance…