So much for protecting the NI agreement…The EU show their true self.

We heard nothing but outrage from the EU and the remainers about how the Northern Ireland agreement must be protected, and that nothing should be allowed to break it. We heard endlessly from the likes of Verhofstadt, Junker, Merkle and of course the remainers here in the guise of Blair, Major, the Undemocratic UnLibs and the Labour party. I can still remember them saying how this Government was putting that at risk…..and now …. Nothing….not one squeak….amazing and how very hypocritical.

The European Union because of their failure and their dictatorial way of deciding what the countries do has been found severely wanting and the people of Europe will be the ones to pay.


Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol allows either the EU or the UK to override part of the Brexit trade agreement in relation to border controls in Northern Ireland. The protocol itself was designed to avoid a re-emergence of a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  But in the deal, both parties agreed to a get-out clause, which could be used if the protocol was thought to be causing ‘serious economic, societal or environmental difficulties’.   However the EU has now invoked the clause, to put measures on vaccines coming from the EU to Northern Ireland.

The move is being introduced amid a huge row between the UK and EU over vaccines supplies, with Brussels accusing the UK of ‘hijacking doses’. The row started after Oxford vaccine maker AstraZeneca announced it would not be able to supply as many vaccines as it had first hoped to the EU by Spring. The EU has since unveiled plans for an export ban which could stop 3.5million Pfizer vaccines – made in Belgium – from being exported to the UK. The aim of this move will be to prevent the possibility of the UK bringing vaccines into Northern Ireland ‘through the backdoor’, by using the controls-free border to bring in vaccines from the EU. 

The plan to invoke Article 16 brought fury from Arlene Foster and from the Prime Minister and they are quite right as it has been less than 30 days since the Brexit deal was agreed, and we had to listen endlessly to the New President saying that the Northern Ireland Agreement must be protected, and then up pops this little doosy….and whilst they might have withdrawn it some 24 hours later that genie is still out of the box.

The decision was slammed by the country’s First Minister, Arlene Foster, who accused the EU of an ‘incredible act of hostility’. The furious First Minister said in a statement: ‘This is an incredible act of hostility. The European Union has once again shown it is prepared to use Northern Ireland when it suits their interests but in the most despicable manner – over the provision of a vaccine which is designed to save lives. ‘At the first opportunity the EU has placed a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland over the supply chain of the Coronavirus vaccine.’ 

The move has been slammed by Northern Ireland's First Minister Arlene Foster (pictured), who tonight accused the EU of an 'incredible act of hostility'.
Arlene Foster outraged by the decision by the EU bloc to trigger Article 16
The EU's health commissioner, Stella Kyriakides, said today that vaccine export controls are not targeting any specific country - even as Croatia's PM called Britain 'hijackers' and the EU justice commissioner said UK had declared 'vaccine war'
Ursula von der Leyen, the German president of the European Commission, said the EU's deal with the pharmaceutical giant is 'crystal clear'

The EU’s health commissioner, Stella Kyriakides, (left) said today that vaccine export controls are not targeting any specific country, while Ursula von der Leyen, (right) the German president of the European Commission, said the EU’s deal with the pharmaceutical giant is ‘crystal clear’

It might be ‘crystal clear’ but it was signed much later than Great Britain and AZ are doing nothing more than a contractual agreement, which the EU could have challenged at the time but they didn’t. Now they want to use antics that would make any tinpot dictator proud, especially in North Korea and they now want the intellectual property of AZ and all others who work on the vaccine in Europe, as well as bringing in new laws to stop the vaccine from leaving the EU. Why should we in the United Kingdom be penalised for their lack of ability to grasp the true scale of the virus and to have faith in the scientists.

This is showing the rest of the world what a nasty, pathetic organisation the EU is. They did not have the foresight to actually take the risk as our Government did and which paid off, and now they want to bully organisations and steal not only their property, but steal the items we have paid for. To me…the EU is nothing but a bunch of political has beens and failures who jumped on a gravy train and who are still power mad and they are determined that a perfectly legal contractual agreement will not be met. Can you imagine the outrage if we had done that but as always we play by the rules and what a pity that our nearest neighbour doesn’t. We just cannot trust them.

AstraZeneca are doing the right thing and continuing to meet its obligations signed with our Government, and will not bow down to the bullying antics of this mafia gang who are conning millions of people that they are democratic. Countries had the choice to order their own and they failed miserably and they failed because they listened to the individuals who run the EU. Lets not forget this is the same bunch who call themselves the “Elite”, and I have to ask myself how many of them have had the vaccine? I bet you that all have had it, and their families after all it is the only the little people who pay for their extravagant lifestyles and their bad decisions. It will cost the people of Europe a lot more lives before this corrupt entity does what they are supposed to do and that is protect the people of the EU.

I can only hope that the New President in the White House has been watching this and seeing that the EU cannot be trusted. All too often it was assumed that Great Britain would be the ones to trigger it but nope it is the EU and President Biden has to realise if he can that it was always Great Britain who would be the ones to protect the Good Friday Agreement, even though I disagree giving murdering terrorists a get out of jail free card. It was never in the interests of the EU. After all how much mediation did they do in trying to reach a settlement at the height of the troubles? How many soldiers from member states did they offer to patrol the streets to ensure that the blood shed caused by terrorists stopped? Well I can answer that NONE.

It seems that the Good Friday Agreement suited the European Union when they thought they could bully us into submission, and failed and now they are using this same agreement to bully us into submission, and again it won’t work.

What it does show is that companies and countries should be very careful before signing any deal with the European Union as when it suits them they just tear the whole thing up, and that is no way to conduct business and it should not go down well in the business world, especially as it shows they will either take what is not theirs, demand to break a contract or just change the law. How can you have an even playing field with such a corrupt organisation? Their vaccine crisis has shown they are slow to respond and the constant bickering and willingness to throw others under the bus to hide their incompetence will make others seriously think about doing business with them.

Me personally I hope it sinks the whole rotten entity and countries go back to their own identities and we can once again have a love affair with Europe and its people.

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