The EU was never our friend.

Now we see the EU for what they are. Vicious and pathetic in their attempt to cast doubts over the vaccine created by AstraZeneca. The usual spin came out of Germany yesterday by saying the vaccine created only offers 8% of safety for over 65s is an out and out lie, but if it was so bad why are the EU screaming like brats to have our contract stopped?

There is no way any company will go back on a perfectly legal contract just because the EU said so. The EU were late, too busy chucking their weight around with the 27 countries and 4 of whom should have said “sod” it and signed anyway as they had looked into it. The officials for each country has admitted they have not seen the contract as it was signed by the unelected officials and now these countries are playing catch up to see what a disaster the whole thing is. By the way the country who has vaccinated the most is yep you have guessed it Germany.

It seems every benefit of the EU ends up with Germany. The pillage of Greece a second time ended up with Germany getting hundreds of millions back in interest. You would think after the last time they helped themselves to Greece’s infrastructure that that would be a no no. Then there is the top heavy delegation of Germans in the EU. It is a German dominated, German motivated and geared to the requirements of Germany only and the rest are kidding themselves if they think they matter. France might a bit but that is it.

Then we have the threat of a trade war if they don’t get what they want. I seem to remember my history of Germany bullying other nations not less than 100 years ago to get what they wanted. The EU is now trying to bring in law to break our supply, and one that would be totally illegal in any other country as they are trying to cancel our contract which cannot be done, and theirs. The EU cannot be trusted with any contract and certainly not trading.

This shows the EU is nothing more than a corrupt organisation who if they cannot get what they want because they were inept, they just change the rules to suit them. I hope the rest of the world is watching and realise that this corrupt organisation is nothing more than a scam and that if they try to force this deal, which we were wise enough to get in on the act early then there needs to be a legal ramification. The EU cannot stop a legal contract but then we don’t know how their legal system works as it seems that only the EU are ever winners. This is just another example of why we should never have gotten involved with this corrupt gangster organisation.

If they attempt it then bring on the trade war and bankrupt Germany, stop the supplies from France and watch the farmers out in force and sit back and watch the EU disintegrate in to the bin.

How did the UK end up as one of the world’s leading countries on the vaccine roll-out?

The UK is one of the world’s leading countries when it comes to the speed of the roll-out of its coronavirus vaccination programme – a fact made all the more impressive given where the nation started when the pandemic hit early last year.  At that point the country had just one vaccine manufacturing site – a facility in Liverpool which made flu jabs. But the Government quickly set up a vaccine task force in April to make sure the UK was well-positioned to benefit from medical breakthroughs.

The experts appointed to the task force reportedly recommended seven projects for investment within its first two weeks, according to The Times.  Advance purchase orders were hammered out by the task force with suppliers despite the fact there were no guarantees that any of the vaccines would work or that they would be signed off by regulators.   That early work meant the UK was in pole position to receive the jabs, if and when they were shown to be effective and safe.  The task force’s strategy means two companies have been relied upon to do much of the heavy lifting during the UK’s vaccine roll-out: Pfizer and AstraZeneca. 

The UK ordered 40 million doses from the former and 100 million doses from the latter.  Agreements are also in place with a handful of other would-be suppliers should their products get the green light.  The speed with which the UK moved on vaccines was perhaps best illustrated this week when Pascal Soriot, the chief executive of AstraZeneca, revealed the deal with Britain was agreed three months before the EU’s. 

The UK’s supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine is made at sites in Oxford and Staffordshire before it is put into vials at a facility in Wrexham, while the Pfizer jab is made in Belgium. Every new batch of vaccine in the UK has to be safety tested by the National Institute of Biological Standards and Control in Hertfordshire before it can be sent for delivery. 

This process takes about four days and once each batch has been rubber-stamped it is taken to secure Government warehouses where the NHS takes over the process and decides where the doses will be sent. The physical roll-out of the vaccine is headquartered from an NHS office in London, with doses sent to more than 1,400 vaccine sites across the country. It is easily the biggest vaccination drive in the history of the health service and many believe it will become an annual programme.  

The EU has found to be wanting and out of their depth despite all those “career politicians” and they are now trying to divert the blame from their incompetence. It won’t wash though the good people of Europe are now seeing the EU for what it is, a failed organisation and it should be shut down.

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