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It seems that even the K9s in the United States of America are not exempt from this strange form of McCarthyism that is hitting the country. I say strange because it seems that the bad guy is suddenly innocent and the good guy, you know those who go out everyday to protect the majority of people…well it seems even the K9s are fair game in this time of the good guy is always in the wrong according to small minded stupid politicians.

Officer Rich Clawson ordered his dog Jaeger to attack a teen boy inside a Burger King

Officer Rich Clawson ordered his dog Jaeger to attack a teen boy inside a Burger King…aww just look at how beautiful that K9 is….just beautiful, majestic animals and we are lucky they are our best friend.

Now I have to confess I am a huge fan of K9s, MWD and our Police Dogs in the United Kingdom and I think they are such an asset to any police force that they should be celebrated…not have their handlers brought up on charges that beggar belief. If you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear. People might remember that as they go about their daily lives.

Officer Clawson is said to have ordered K9 Jaeger to “hit” a teen boy inside a burger king. Now I don’t know about you but there is every chance that this delightful young thug, who by the way was actually trying to rob the place and as far as Officer Clawson could have known actually had a gun…sent his K9 to tackle him. My only concern at this point is for the dog to be fair. We should not send in these majestic animals so easily. into situations that could harm them. We often hear that the K9 has been injured or sadly died and then find out the human garbage who did it is still around…that is not fair and never will be. The good thing is that the United States Justice system will sentence you to 25 years for killing a K9…wish we had the same thing.

You will get the do-gooders who say that he had his hands up but it takes a split second to go for your gun and what is Officer Clawson wasn’t quick enough. I mean America has almost become the Wild West at this point and every non law abiding individual seems to have an illegal gun. Thank god we seem to have gun control in this country and long may it stay that way.

The times and the situation they are in meant that Officer Clawson was right to do what he did, and he was right to assume that the person had a gun. Until he was handcuffed I would not have trusted him for one second, after all he had all but terrorised those people who only wanted a burger for god sake.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case and other uses of dogs on criminal suspects and expects to release its findings – and possible criminal charges – in the next few weeks.  This is where the people of the United States should be standing up and saying No…hell No.

I don’t understand how elected officials can become so stupid when they reach office. If you want to press charges against those good men and women who put their lives on the line every minute of the day, which by the way as elected officials you don’t….then carry on the way you are going. Just remember though there will come a time when those majestic animals and their humans are needed and they would have just gone. They will have packed up and left because if you are not going to back them…why the hell would they cover yours?

I support 100% the police officers who are on two or four legs and may god keep them safe as remember they are the good guys and we need them.

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