The shortest political career in history….

First I was in and now I am out.

I have have the shortest political career todate and have sadly had to stand down as the Independent Candidate for my local ward.

It was not for my lack of desire to do anything, nor was it for the increased work load that I could end up with but I have great family and friends who would have helped me, and who would have ensured that despite my disabilities I would have succeeded.

I had just had enough of threatening emails.

I had one particular fowl individual who threatened to cut and paste articles he found on here and post in the local neighbourhood. Now don’t get me wrong I am not ashamed of my blog and I have left the articles free for anybody to read free of charge, and I stand by my words but to be told that it would be do in such a way to try and paint me as a racist xenophobic bigot in my own community was the final thing.

Oh don’t get me wrong I am not bothered what people think of me, but this deranged individual was threatening to post malicious lying pamphlets in my area filled with lies about me, and my family and young grandchildren live in the area and he did not seem bothered one jot.

Basically the threat was to either stop running or he would go ahead and post them and like all cowards, I am under no illusion that he hid behind a false account when he emailed it. My sole concern is always my family and I have 3 young children who live in the area, 2 of which are disabled, and faced with a possible threat because of his lies (as no doubt the whole story would not be listed but rather like any true spin there would not be the whole truth), just enough to rile up those who are easy to rile up, and this could cause someone to actually come and threaten my family and I just could not put them at risk. What sort of sick individual would put a young family at risk? A very very sick one.

I am under no illusion that he is doing it ensure that I do not stand and quite frankly nobody else but Labour will win the seat now and that is a given, and I really wanted to make a difference. I wanted to be the one who the public had access to all the time and that for once their councillor would have lived as they live, and see what they see and just be that helping hand they so desperately needed.

This is was just the final straw and I had stopped comments on here as some on the left are the most intolerant vile people, and the messages I received on here could not be posted as they were offensive and threatening, and when I honestly thought I could make a difference up pops this one. It seems that the worlds bunny boilers seem to find their way to me.

If it had just been me I could have tolerated it but my daughter and her family live in the area, and she would not want people to read these lies and smears, and can you imagine the heartbreak and bullying my grandchildren would go through?

The upshot is that the person has been informed by reply email that any such pamphlets would result in my suing him for libel, but if he does go through with it, and which by the way you have to question whether this coward would ever threaten a man like this, and I think you find the answer is no…then he will get a visit by the Police and I will be requesting damages way beyond his ability to pay.

People should not feel threatened when they are normal citizens going about their business, and I was actually standing for this ward at no cost to anybody but my self and if enough independents stood and won then this would remove this Labour councils ability to spend our money on what are the most ludicrous of investments. When this council bankrupts the town and they will….it will be because of the likes of this fool who will have prevented people like me from fighting back.

So, I will not be tinkering with any politics for myself but I have set myself a mission to go through with a fine toothcomb everything this disastrous council for Warrington has done and will continue to do, and I will write about it and hold them to every single article they do. I will not threaten them nor their families as I have had but rather attack them politically which is what any sane person would do.

Sadly over the last 5 years politics has gotten really nasty and I am quite at liberty to attack the politicians who are in the limelight for their politics but not their families, unless their families gain from their position and then they too will be blogged about but I would never, ever descend into the gutter as he has and threaten to post lies and smears in their neighbourhood. After all, I have too much to do and it would be the ramblings of someone mad sadly like the one I have had, and he is the last of the abuse I am going to put up with as the next one will bring the Police.

It seems that Anne Widdecombe was right when she said there is rotten rotten politics and it seems that there are some rotten rotten supporters who are willing to put children at risk from their lies and smears, and I will defend them with all that I have.

I am under no illusion that this coward will not present himself especially as these pamphlets he has threatened me with also threatens my family and like all cowards, he will stay the keyboard warrior content to threaten from afar and put the lives of others at risk to ensure that this candidate did not stand. He might be sat smug but this has only made me more determined to go after the councillors, and what can he say? I will be a concerned private individual and as a taxpayer which is something he is probably not, nor has ever been….I am allowed to…..

I think the description of nothing more than that which I wipe of the bottom of my shoe came to mind when describing him. I think it is a rather apt way to explain the odious cowardly individual.

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