The PM cannot take the blame….

We have sadly a point of despair from the deaths due to Covid or Covid related symptoms. UK Covid death toll tops 100,000 with 1,631 new fatalities but new cases drop by TWO THIRDS in three weeks to 20,089. This is a sobering thought and I feel so badly for the relatives who must be asking themselves why this awful virus had to happen.

We cannot however blame the Prime Minister. He is no doubt heavy with regret on his shoulders and indeed no country nor any government can cover itself in glory but we must not forget that this virus is something the world was not ready for. I firmly believe that the Chinese Communist State knew this virus was around a long time before the world was informed, and before the 200 who arrived at Arrowe Park Hospital to be put in isolation. It is inevitable that this virus was already here….we just hadn’t felt the full impact.

Boris Johnson tonight lamented the UK's huge Covid death toll and offered his 'deepest condolences' to everyone that had lost a relative to coronavirus
A tortured soul.

Yes the Government has made many mistakes but I think it is a case of listening to the Scientists and the reaction time is now changing in minutes and not days, and the Conservatives have already done the one thing that Conservatives do not do and that is impose more political interference.

It is indeed socialism that wants more political input into a persons life and not conservatism. Conservatism is investing in capitalism and not having to loosen the public purse to the point that it is a free for all but do so they have had to do, and can we really put the blame for this on one man’s shoulders?

The problem is that the opposition led by Captain Hindsight can offer nothing but criticism and I am sure that if he came up with some good ideas and was not trying to political point score, that the Prime Minister would listen to him after all you would have to be a biscuit short of a full tin not to take good advice, but sadly once again the leader of the opposition is missing in action.

So, it falls on the shoulders of a man who almost died at the hands of this virus. He knows better than anyone the horror of this virus and I do believe that he is being cautious because he knows. I don’t say he gets it right all the time, and indeed parents must be wondering when the children are going back to school…my own daughter is such a person. The children must be able to return as soon as possible as this is the next generation who are missing out. As it stands my eldest grandson will be almost 19 when he leaves 6th form as it is, put him back a year and he will almost 20 and the knock on effect will be disastrous. We must find a way to get them back where they belong and that is in school and being educated correctly.

I don’t know the answer as I am not one of the highly paid experts but I do know that the first thing I would do is consult with parents groups and ask them. We know the majority of the answers from the teaching unions as they would rather do anything than see the children back in the classroom and for nothing more than political point scoring.

We have already had episodes of teachers who won’t do zoom calls because it will encrouch on their private life. Where are they in bed or the bath? I hold regular meetings from a rather dull looking room with just a picture in and a table and nice lamp next to the pc. I do have a fabulous TV in there with all the mod cons but you cannot see that from the angle….so it looks like I have the worlds dullest meeting room but hey it works….so why can’t they? I think I have more strangers looking at that room over the last 3 months than I have people round the entire time I have lived here.

The PM must form a task force with parents groups to actually get the children back into school, and work with those teachers who are willing to put aside their union to do what they have trained so hard to do…teach children.

Getting the children back will be the start of a normal normal life. I doubt Mr Points of Sue and I will venture out at the end of the day, but our 27 year old who towers over both of us will no doubt want to get out and up his fitness and he needs to get back to normality….we all do but especially the younger generation. They cannot get these years back again.. Even when we have our vaccine it will be tentative steps…mine purely because of Mr Points of Sue and his lung condition but we will get there, and we will do it.

As for the mainstream media….we have the BBC correspondents thinking they are demanding answers for the world instead of the usual left wing wokeism and I am getting rather tired of their ridiculous questioning. Once the Minister or Prime Minister has spoken I switch them off as they are nothing more than looney lefties trying to look smart and failing.

No doubt they will try and blame the Prime Minister and it is easy to criticise when you have nothing to offer. Mainstream journalists are a bit like blackmailers in a way as it is a case of say what they want or they will write the most horrendous things about you. That is quite a nasty trait in a person to do ..can you imagine the onslaught for the Prime Minister? Lets face it the looney left and the Labour party are not the nice have a cup of tea and a biscuit party, there are some not nice individuals in there who are trying to make political hay out of what is a tragedy.

I guess what I am trying to say is that lets not put the blame at the feet of the Prime Minister, he did not create this virus and he did not let this virus escape a lab, and he certainly did not lie to the world about when it released, ensuring that the virus would take a grip before anybody had had time to react. We are continuing play catch up to an enemy that you cannot see, cannot hear and cannot smell. It is a sober thought to think that with all our military might, putting man in the moon, going to the deepest depths of the oceans and the ability to put one heart in another persons body and make it work ……we cannot fight something so small and so invisible.

I would not like to be Boris Johnson at all as he has everything coming at him….the EU and their ridiculous threat about the vaccines, Sturgeon North of the Border who by the way can do squiddly squat without Parliaments permission and this as well. It would make any mere mortal cry, so have a look at the face of a man who is feeling the pain and who is uniquely placed to feel that pain and whatever party you vote for cut him a little slack.

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