Starmer isolating – is there a vote in the commons coming up?

For a third time Keir Starmer goes into isolation. Now call me an old cynic but is there something in parliament he wishes to avoid?

Like the discussion on the £20 a week uplift for those on Universal Credit? Especially when it comes out that the Chancellor is likely to give those eligible a one of payment of £1,000. Has his aim of trying to discredit the Chancellor backfired?

Sir Keir Starmer is in self-isolation for a third time
Captain Calamity goes into a 3rd isolation.

Now some may say I am being cruel to Sir Keir but he has previous form and his absence enables his abstention to go by relatively unnoticed by the “Woke” media.

Starmer is now going to miss PMQ’s and won’t be at the commons to question the PM about the success with the vaccine, nor will he be required to explain his ridiculous shadow foreign secretary backing an idea to turn our Armed Forces into a ludicrous “woke” version of the home guard…without actually defending anyone, nor will he have to explain why he jumped on the bandwagon early of the Universal Benefit question…..

It seems that when the going gets tough Starmer heads out of there. Joking aside it is really poor form that the leader of Her Majesty’s opposition is doing anything but. Even Corbyn managed to make more of an effort than Starmer and that is something I never thought I would say.

We need an opposition in this country that will do the job and oppose. Not going into hiding at the first opportunity, after all this man is supposed to be the tough on law and order candidate but he cannot even get himself out of his house and face the commons.

I fear the Labour party in its rush to try and get rid of the legacy of Corbyn have voted in someone as Leader who hides rather than has a great political fight, or who actually hopes the question and issue will go away before some nasty individual such a journalist actually asks him what he plans to do about a situation. He must lie awake at night worrying about what issue next he will come upon and then have no answer. It must be awful to have the responsibility of opposition without actually opposing.

It seems he is just keeping the seat warm as he is not actually doing anything.

I want to see a bit of a political fighter as the Leader of the Opposition, someone such as Hilary Benn. I don’t agree with most of what he stands for but I did applaud the speech he made regarding the bombing of Syria and boy can he put up a political fight.

I think that Starmer is all for looking like a leader but not acting like one and I can imagine there are some on the back benches of the Labour party who are itching to have a good old fashioned political spat, but because of his missing the task is left up to the job of Annaliese Dodds and Lisa Nandy. It is no wonder the Northern backbench MPs are holding their heads in their hands knowing that they will lose more and more voters if this is the best the party have to offer.

How will Starmer hide away from debate and confrontation when the wonderful scientists have conquered this virus? He will need to buy the book 101 excuses of how to get out of meetings, or the Labour Party could do themselves a favour and vote someone in who can actually hold his own.

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