It has taken less than a week…

For Biden’s administration to hit problems.

It seems that the administration cannot account for some 20 million plus vaccines going missing. Oh dear better start the hunt then Joe….

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted on Monday officials had no idea how many vaccines were in reserve across the US
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted on Monday officials had no idea how many vaccines were in reserve across the US

To quote President Biden…if it happens on his watch its his responsibility (he was of course referring to President Trump), but this is now his administration and it his failure to know where these vaccines are.

Biden has fallen into a trap that no junior politician would and that is giving a figure for the amount of people to be vaccinated per day, yet admits that life would not get back to normal before summer and the death toll could be some 600,000 and that is under his watch.

The US is behind several other countries in its vaccine program. These numbers show the percentage of the population that has received the first dose only

To be fair to Biden no Government can cover itself in glory but he is going to have to learn fast that criticising a sitting President is going to be a lot different when you are actually the man in the chair.

Biden has set the figure of 1.5 million a day being vaccinated but this is a little bit of a spin as this was being achieved under the previous President, so he has really done nothing to add to it but of course the lefty media are crying over themselves to praise the President. I have actually seen articles where one put it is like having Dad in charge of the country.

Well this Dad they put in charge has early stages dementia and is huffing and bluffing his way through this and it will show. His £1.9 trillion budget request has been ripped apart in the Senate and you have to ask yourself did he think this through, or just grab the magical mystical money tree at the bottom of the rose garden?

Oh my I suggest to the new Commander in Chief that when you sign into law that on federal ground the wearing of masks is mandatory, that you follow suit and your family….or did he forget? Rather scary thought that this man who is the oldest person they have voted in now….imagine 4 years of this….has the codes for the nuclear weapons. God help the United States of America.

President Joe Biden did not wear a mask during a television hit at the Lincoln Memorial
The Press Secretary stated that he was “allowed” to take of his mask because he was celebrating….so all you who have weddings etc on any of these grounds….there’s your excuse.
The Biden family not wearing masks.

All America has done is vote in career politicians who really don’t give a jot about the common people. He will protect big businesses and his China businesses. He has already rescinded the law that Donald Trump made forbidding countries like China to have any control of Americas vital industries such as oil, gas, communication etc. He just got rid of it…now could it be because he and his son are up to their necks in Chinese business dealings? He has thrown away the security that the previous President gave to the people by not allowing it.

He is also preparing the troops and will eventually revert back to the Obama way of doing things and that is dropping drones on innocent weddings in Pakistan, and interfering in any country that he sees fit, especially when it comes out about him and his son. Sitting Presidents just love sending the military in to ensure their dealings are ignored.

We have Antifa rioting and the demands from BLM and he has to give in after all he capitulated and he will need a deal with us …so maybe we should not be so quick to jump into any trade deal with this President as he is a loose cannon and is in effect just carrying on where Obama left off, and you the people will suffer for it.

What a horrid horrid thought.. Biden in the Whitehouse and Pelosi on Capitol Hill….what a nightmare. .

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