What a thoroughly despicable individual.

First of all I would have a bone to pick by the fact that Rufus Hound calls himself a comedian. I have seen him and he is just not funny. He is one of those woke leftists who think that picking on everyone who does not follow their mantra is funny….well Houndy old boy…it isn’t. It is called bullying especially when you get other tinned hat idiots to follow your line.

The despicable individual has now accused the former Prime Minister of planning the attack on the Manchester Arena to help the Conservatives.

Dancing on Ice bosses are facing calls to remove Rufus Hound from the show (pictured)

Now don’t get me wrong I thought that Theresa May was a disaster as Home Secretary and an even greater disaster as Prime Minister, but this is just libellous to accuse her of this.

This odious individual is making light of the fact that 22 people were murdered by a terrorist. It seems that their suffering does not matter so long as he can political nonsense out of it.

Time ITV got rid of this moron or they will lose ratings. We know that it was a terrorist who had had his head filled with the ideology of people who are quite happy to send them to die for a cause, but won’t send themselves…..but to blame Mrs May is outrageous. This was a terrorist attack committed by terrorists to create terror. If we went the way Hound wanted we would open our doors to more of these dangerous people.

MP Rob Halfon told The Sun on Sunday: ‘This is horrific.’ These trivial remarks are deeply offensive to victims of the Manchester attack.’

Whilst another Conservative MP Alec Shelbrooke told the publication that it was ITV’s ‘moral responsibility’ to ‘chuck out’ contestants using the show as a political platform. 

Jade Clough, 33, from Stockport, who was hit by shrapnel at the Manchester attack carried out by Salman Abedi, told The Sun on Sunday that the claims were ‘outrageous’ and said the celebrity’s actions could make people feel it was ok to share similar unsubstantiated claims.  (www.dailymail.co.uk)

Sources say Mr Hound has tested negative for the coronavirus and is now isolating at home. Mr Hound pictured with Robin Johnstone
Warning unfunny odious individual on a dancing show.

When will individuals like him realise that we don’t want to hear anything he has to say. He is a bore and I long for the day when comedians were just that. Don’t get wrong I like Michael McIntyre and Kevin Bridges but the rest of them….god give me strength and save our TV from non funny, political point scoring buffoons like Hound. Programmes like mock the week and have I got news for you are no longer funny but rather the leftist platform for spouting their usual rubbish.

No wonder people like me long for the days of old…as the “new comedians” are just not funny.

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