Wouldn’t it be better to have a uniform system throughout Covid testing?

It has now been 48 hours since I and two others in my family took a Covid test and still nothing has come back. Yet I hear from neighbours that they got theirs back within an hour. Is this lack of uniformity the same everywhere else?

I guess I was unlucky and got a very slow running one but it is absolutely ridiculous that we are still waiting two days later. I have had to cancel a hospital appointment for Thursday as it is not good to cancel with such little notice, and because hospital appointments are rare during these times it was only fair that someone else be given the chance.

Despite the fact I have waited months for this I could not attend, and I do not blame the NHS as the lady on the phone tried so hard to accommodate me, but without a test result back I could not even entertain an emergency appointment. The blame has to lie with this Covid Testing. There is no uniformity. It is ridiculous that my son got his back in an hour (he lives elsewhere), and the next door neighbour got his back in under half an hour. Whereas, we are told that if we have not heard in 6 days….SIX DAYS to contact them……that is outrageous.

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My eldest son is unwell but we can’t get him help as the first thing they will ask is could it be Covid and then told to wait for the result to come back.

I know that the testing people can be busy especially in large cities, although to be honest when we arrived at our there was no waiting, and only two cars in the place and no further cars joined us and we were there for a good 35 minutes….so why the wait for two days plus? What was worrying was that it seemed to be run by students and whilst I am sure they did a good job, it still needed to have some sort of medically trained staff there or the military if available. They all looked so young and so inexperienced and that is playing on all our minds…..

This waiting is simply not good enough. Not the fact that it is two days and still no notice but the fact that it is so different with people when they do test them. I have no heard from anyone who has taken this long and it is the wait that is making it difficult.

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We are told daily that test and trace is a way of controlling the virus and thereby ensuring those who we have been in contact with are notified, but how can we do that when we don’t know the results ourselves? Luckily we have only seen our daughter, son in law and grandchildren and we have told them, and the text messages come hourly to see if we have had a result back. The constant sorry not yet is becoming a regular reply.

The not knowing is the crucial thing. I don’t understand how my neighbour who got his done in Liverpool got the result back in under 30 minutes , and we got ours in Runcorn which is not a million miles away (by the way there was nothing available in my home town whatsoever), and yet even with such a short distance we have now waited 2 days. It is such a short mileage distance between the two yet the screening seems to be as far apart as ever and it is not good enough.

Surely it is better to have a uniform testing across all areas as it will allow people to add their details to the track and trace, and give a clear indication of who has it and how many. Failure to let people know so quickly could result in a higher spread of the virus. We have taken the decision to not see anyone or even let anyone come to the door until we know….even the postman has to drop the articles away from the door, but we are being cautious for others and sadly you might not get that in all the people.

Come on Baroness Harding get your system sorted out and make it uniform across the board and if you cannot do it, then get somebody in who can actually do the task efficiently, because not doing so is resulting in people not getting their results in a timely fashion.

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