Lockdown again….but lets work together and help those who are helping us……

Well the Prime Minister appeared on our televisions last night in what is now becoming a regular occurrence and promptly told the nation we are locked down. Obviously the devolved parliaments decide their own tiers but it is a general lockdown for all, and by all accounts we are going into Tier 5 from tonight.

I do feel quite sorry for Boris as it goes against every bone in a Conservative to have so much government intervention as it is Socialism that advocates more involvement and Conservatism less, and it must be gripping Boris to have to lock this country down. I am not going to sit here and criticise Boris as he is doing a remarkable job in extraordinary times and I trust him.

I trust him to get us through this pandemic and bring us out the other side as we are leading the way in the vaccinations, we have the NHS which does need more money putting in to it but it cannot be an open cheque book and hopefully having learned from the first lockdown, the Prime Minister has started to invest in this country making our own PPE here as under no circumstances should China continue to profit from the misery inflicted on the world, it is not far short of perverse to allow that to continue.

We have to be grown up about this and a haircut whilst it is nice is not necessary, nor are our nails ladies and below I have listed the shops and businesses that can stay open.

Hundreds of thousands of non-essential retailers will have to keep their doors closed under England's third nation-wide lockdown

I know the last full lockdown was a bit easier as we had our gardens to go in and I spent my days gardening and ended up chatting to the flowers, and I suspect my neighbours now think they have a nut in their midst’s, but I did enjoy it very much and I keep looking out of the window thinking not long now and I can get back in the garden and work the roses magic again. My proudest moment was the neighbours who can see my rose garden from their windows telling me how gorgeous it looked during the day, and at night with all the lights around. I have turned into my father as he was obsessed with his roses too and I am determined to do it bigger and better this year.

I am trying not to let this lockdown get me down as I have lots of things going on and that includes joining the other Governors at WHH on zoom which is a really strange concept, but it is interesting. There is my education to carry on and the blogging and I am trying to put a positive spin on it, even though being away from my darling grandchildren, my daughter, son and mother is crushing but we have lots of way to get in contact over a media. Even my almost 80 year old mother is becoming computer savvy….

The reason for this is that I don’t want to join the growing list of those people who are suffering from mental health as we know the service is over-whelmed and I hope there is more money for it, as the worst sort of illness is the one you cannot see. People cannot look at you and see the pain and suffering and it is human nature to say just get on with it, and for some sadly that is not always possible……I think the era of a stiff upper lip as my father used to say is not appropriate for this and if you need help there is nothing to be ashamed off. Infact it makes you a strong person in a way as you can see the issues……

So, if you can keep busy do so and it does not have to be a physical keep busy. I am disabled and have mobility problems but it does not stop me from being “busy” and I have set up a Facebook page where there are now 519 people on it and growing, and we are keeping it funny. Despite having a political site no politics, religion or political groups are allowed on there as it is for fun and to give people a light in this dark world and so far the feedback is good, naughty but nice as you may say……

I guess this is going to be life now for the next couple of months and this is something we need to do if nothing else but help ease the pressure on the NHS, and the staff as since becoming a Governor of the hospitals I get a daily message from the CEO and the rate sadly is going up of people needing help in our own area and if you put that against the daily figure it is getting higher and that is never a good thing. We not only have to think about those who need help but about the NHS staff who practically run into the danger and if we can help then stay at home. It will be the first time in history that doing nothing could save our lives.

I know that people will be bored and then the children will be terribly bored but hopefully they have their lessons, and I am becoming a dab hand at this talking to the grandchildren over the internet and on a webcam……helping with homework is going to be fun as my teenage grandson far exceeds me in maths, but we are going to do what we can and that again is nothing outside of the house. Have told them as soon as we can we are off to a cabin in the woods to just learn to be us again for a week…..but when….we don’t know but it is something to aim towards.

It really is going to be a case of learning to live with this awful virus and the miracle workers in the universities should be the ones who are our heroes, along with the key workers and maybe when this is over we can show them our appreciation properly, and yes I actually agree with Jeremy Corbyn…ALL care workers, nurses, doctors etc should get a huge pay raise as without them we would be in trouble, but until then I doubt Boris wants to continue week after week coming onto our television, and in to our homes telling us the worst. It must be so depressing for him as he wants us to be out as he is a social person and thinks everyone else should be…..

Lets do our bit to help the Prime Minister, the Government, the scientists, the key workers and above all the NHS…lets put our big pants on and do as we are told and stay in. If you don’t need to go out then stay in, it is not a difficult thing to do and if you feel you are not coping then contact your local GP and ask for help as that is what they are there for.

Just remember that we will see brighter days ahead of this and when we are back to our normal way of life then we can mourn those who we have lost to this dreadful virus, but please as Boris has asked stay at home and don’t become one of the statistics.

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