Well its passed….we are Sovereign.

At long last we have now seen democracy in its fullest within Parliament and I for one never thought I would see it especially with the carry on from the previous set of MPs, but the Brexit Deal has been passed and hurrah for Boris for having the guts to go through with it despite all the nay sayers. He has proved himself the Churchill of our times.

Mrs May is the Chamberlain who brought back the useless piece of paper signed by a German and Boris took up the mantle and got us out. He has delivered the democracy we demanded and the Sovereignty we so wanted.

The deal passed by 521 to 73. We know who the usual ones to decry against it are…..the likes of John McDonnell, Barry Gardiner and Diane Abbott and the same bunch of Labour MPs who always vote against everything, but who in this case decided instead to abstain. Abstaining is the cowards way out and it is something we have come to expect from the people listed above. Helen Hayes, a shadow Cabinet Office minister said she could not vote for the ‘damaging’ accord and offered her resignation while Tonia Antoniazzi, part of the shadow work and pensions team, did the same.

Shadow Front Bencher Bell Ribero-Addy and the 4 Plaid Cymru MPs, the only Green MP, the Unliberal Undemocratic party and the SNP voted against it.

Jeremy Corbyn did what he always does and that is hide. He has not got the conviction to vote against it….he abstained. For any of those who think this is a man of honour….just see what he has done today and he has hid….along with his Labour chums.

We have had for years these same people telling us that a No Deal would be the worst thing to happen to this country, and when Boris comes back with a deal what do they do!! Go for a No Deal as voting against it is in effect voting for a No Deal, or abstaining from it.

I am very surprised the 8 DUP members voted against the deal but they were dealt a huge blow in the 2019 General Election and they are now trying to swing in the wind to keep their seats, and I should imagine that this was nothing more than an appease their voters stance.

Former Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May was scathing against Keir Starmer stating that her bill for a Brexit Deal was better….oh dear….someone is having a disillusionment day. Her deal would have left us a rule taker, a vassal state, a country dictated to by the EU. It was even worse than remain and someone needs to tell her that and to come down off the delusional chair she is sat on.

I wonder how Keir Starmer is now going to react against the 36 Labour MPs who defied him? He has to either get a grip or be seen to be such a wet blanket and he will have no control over any of them. What to do eh Sir Keir….

162 Labour MPs voted for the deal along with 359 Conservative MPs and it is good to know that Parliament could have passed it just based on the votes from the Tory party however, let Sir Keir make himself feel better thinking he had something to do with it. I don’t know how he is going to push aside the last 4 years as it will come back to haunt him.

Starmer now has a rebellion on his hands, he has the issue of the new party that Jeremy Corbyn is going to be building and the prospect of 36 MPs who will leave with Corbyn, as those who voted against Starmer will automatically move. He will also have the Unions and what will Starmer do then? It must seem that this Brexit Deal vote is the easiest thing Starmer will have to deal with.

I have spent the day listening to the wailings of the remainer MPs and am surprised that the Commons is not under water due to the amount of tears coming from the remainers, and it is embarrassing because surely their allegiance is to us the people and our decisions, and certainly not the EU.

The deal is now with the Lords and their Lordships need to realise that this is the will of the people and to go against the will of the people means that the Lords is against the people, and in our democratic society no institution is above that of the people, and if necessary the Government must bring in the relevant process to shut the Lords down. The Lords is nothing more than an overgrown day care centre for the old folks and at £25 million a year plus for its upkeep, we cannot afford to have them actively work against us.

The Prime Minister during his speech was mindful of the fact that we are leaving the EU and not leaving our European neighbours. “We will now open a new chapter in our national story, striking free trade deals around the world, adding to the agreements with 63 countries we have already achieved, and re-asserting global Britain as a liberal, outward looking force for good.

Those of us who campaigned for Britain to leave the EU never sought a rupture with our closest neighbours. We would never wish to rupture ourselves from fellow democracies beneath whose soil lie British War graves in tranquil cemeteries often tended by local schoolchildren, testament to our shared struggle for freedom and everything we cherish in common.

Britain is open for business with the whole world and not just the EU but now we are sovereign.

This was something the remainers could not realise that it was never about money with the Brexiteers but rather the ability to control our own country, our laws and our waters and our borders. One piece of great news is that from the 1st January 2021 immigrants will not be allowed to claim benefits for 5 years. This is a start and we need to continue down that road and show that those who have come to work here and be a productive citizen are welcome, the rest then turn your eyes elsewhere as we have paid long enough.

Boris Johnson formally signed his Brexit trade deal with the EU this afternoon as he brought the curtain down on four years of wrangling over the UK's split from Brussels
Boris Johnson formally signed his Brexit trade deal with the EU this afternoon as he brought the curtain down on four years of wrangling over the UK’s split from Brussels

How beautiful are those flags behind the Prime Minister.

The Brexit trade agreement touched down at London City airport on an RAF flight this afternoon after being signed by EU commission president Ursula von der Leyen
The Brexit trade agreement touched down at London City airport on an RAF flight this afternoon after being signed by EU commission president Ursula von der Leyen
MPs in the House of Commons voted in favour of the hard fought 1,200 page trade deal this afternoon by 521 votes to 73, a majority of 448
The Brexit Deal

Despite warnings that there will be more friction in trade due to breaking free from EU rules, Mr Johnson said the deal ‘if anything should allow companies to do even more business with our European friends, safeguarding millions of jobs and livelihoods in UK and across the continent’.

In less than 48 hours, we will leave the EU single market and the customs union, as we promised,’ he said.

Mr Johnson said for the first time since 1973 the UK would be an independent coastal nation, stressing that in five and a half years’ time after another transition Britain will have full control of its waters. ‘Of course we would have liked to have done this more quickly,’ he admitted. 

Sir Keir Starmer said that this debate must not overshadow the next election. So again, a Labour leader who has not stood by his convictions. He has spent years trying to stop the democratic vote and since getting the political kicking in the 2019 he is trying to convince the Northern Wall that he has changed and we all know he hasn’t, because if he had the chance we know he will try and take this country back into Europe given half the chance. Starmer cannot be trusted as he has done so much flip flopping I am surprised his feet are not sore.

The upshot is that we are out. We have less than 36 hours with the EU and then we are gone but I agree with Boris, there are too many of our brave war dead buried under the soils of Europe for us to just walk away. We have not left the people but rather the institution that is the EU, and I will now be waiting for the next country to leave and this is the start of the rot, we know and the EU know it.

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