Why can’t the Remainers in Parliament put the country first and show unity….

Sir Keir Starmer has stated publicly that he will back the Governments Brexit Deal. He said it with such fanfare that you would think the casting vote lay with him and he was doing this great favour to the rest of the United Kingdom, and yet within hours of saying that he will force a 3 line whip…..up pops the remainers in his party of which there are many who state that they will defy him and defy the vote.

You would think Labour would learn from the disaster of the General Election but they haven’t.

They are still too interested in their big urban cities and are ignoring the towns up the North who voted for Brexit, and they are doing that because they have nothing in common with the North and with the constant picking of an M25 orbital leader, they never will do. It is obvious that those who are voting against the deal are doing so to keep their remainer voters happy even though voting against it if enough did would result in a no deal, and did we not have years of their every shrieking voices saying how no deal would be bad for this country? The Labour Party are still the remain party and if they could they would cancel Brexit and not care one jot for the people and their democratic right. Their way would be a slow march to totalitarianism.

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Starmer, Barnier, Corbyn and Thornberry

The Labour Party never imagined that it would be Boris Johnson delivering Brexit instead of Jeremy Corbyn and his front bench team with the “we will negotiate a better deal and then vote against it” stance. Thank god they were shown the door before they had even got their hands on the deal. What sort of stance is that?? Basically the Labour deal would have been vote for their deal which would have been freedom of movement, stay in the EU and the Customs Market and take the EU Laws or remain……in other words remain and remain would have been their choice.

That is no choice for 17.4 million who voted out and the lawsuits would have prolonged the agony. The voters knew it and decided otherwise but it seems the remainers don’t.

I still cannot understand how Starmer was given a press conference after the deal was agreed as he has had nothing to do with the negotiations, and had nothing to do with the decision and for him to say that this deal is the PMs to own was like quoting the obvious. We know that the Prime Minister has given us a deal and gotten us out that is why we gave him a majority, and this is now the start of many a nightmares for Starmer.

He will have some of his bench openly defy him and how will he put his leadership stance on that? Simply he won’t. He will suddenly have to self isolate as that seems his favourite excuse. So don’t expect to see him for another two weeks.

Then we will have the Corbyn defiance along with those people who back him. I do wish that Richard Burgon would stop saying that “Corbyn is an honourable man”. He is an anti-semetic terrorist supporter.

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Nothing about Corbyn and his repulsive politics smacks of any honour, but what Starmer will have is a man who is hell bent on causing as much problems as possible and there are many MPs who will gladly follow him like sheep, yet just over 12 months ago Starmer was saying that he did not believe that Jeremy was anti-semetic and that he would make a good Prime Minister. With friends like Starmer who needs enemies.

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Starmer and Corbyn campaigning together……Sky News

So, what will Starmer do? As stated my money is on him having to isolate and hide again.

We know the Unliberal Undemocratic Party will vote against it. Again, why any TV station would give a leader with just 11 MPs in his party any airtime is beyond me. I do however find it comedy gold when Davey states that he will hold the PM to account…….. Davey couldn’t manage to put out a football team if they needed a reserve as he has so few, so again why bother? Surely the SNP is the 3rd biggest party in the United Kingdom and any deal for Sturgeon that does not involve remaining is not good enough as she has endlessly bleated.

I did find it quite galling that she states Boris has let the fishermen down when she is quite happy to let the EU and the European fisheries have total access to Scottish waters. Ms Sturgeon argued the deal doesn’t go far enough commenting: “The fact that many predicted it, doesn’t make it any less galling. “The Tories have sold out Scottish fishing all over again. “Promises they knew couldn’t be delivered, duly broken.”

However online critics pointed out Ms Sturgeon opposed Brexit, meaning the UK wouldn’t have made any fishing gains at all if she’d got her way.

Pot, kettle and black and we have had to watch Ian Blackford SNP MP talk endlessly about the deal is not something they can vote for, but again we have had years and years of them saying that no deal will destroy this country.

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Those who are going to vote against it have said nothing else for years that No Deal is not the way this country should end up. Remaining was never an option because Democracy had to be done, even though the majority of those waiting remain would have seen our democratic vote and values thrown in the bin……Thank god the will of the people held out and we are where we are, so you would think that the hypocrites would actually vote for the deal to save a no deal but they won’t. Their hatred of our vote and of the fact that we gave the Conservative party an 80 seat majority is eating them to the core with hate and envy.

The country will leave at 2300hrs on the 31st December 2020 and I for one will be glad of it. Not only because I voted Brexit but because I have had enough of the whole thing and Boris has done what he has promised and now we have the remain MPs refusing to vote, and in effect demanding a no deal. Can we really trust these MPs when they are so fickle with our economy and so easily offended because they did not get their own way, and rather than put the country first would rather see us suffer.

That is not the sort of politician I would expect in Parliament and when they have been put back in their box….it is time for the Lords.

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