Some remainers are still whinging….

I give you Lord Adonis who is whinging yet again and again. This unelected unaccountable man has decided that he doesn’t like the deal and he will vote it down in the Lords. He should be made to follow the will of the people and he has not been at any point involved in these discussions and he is insulting not only the Prime Minister but also the President of his beloved EU.

It really is about time we got rid of the Upper Chamber as nowhere in a democratic society should a man such as he be able to have any say. He has never been an elected official, and he has never had to answer to the people and this is wrong.

As usual he is stating that it is better for us to stay in. Which bit of a majority vote for Brexit and out does this man still have a problem coming to terms with?

It is a disgrace that he even sits in the House of Lords when he has so little faith in the United Kingdom and who on earth gave this little man a seat….yep you guessed it Blair and he got it for being his chum!

Lord Adonis lashes out at Boris' Brexit deal
Andrew Adonis.

Adonis will not find any deal acceptable. His only acceptable stance is if we cancel the democratic process and rejoin the EU, rejoin the Common Market and take all their laws with having no say. That is nothing more than a capitulation and it is shameful that anyone is even listening to this man. It is disgraceful that he would so willingly sign this country away our rights. What on earth is he getting from this almost rabid slavish following to the EU?

If the Lords make any attempt to stop this deal then Boris must ring the death knell for them as they will be working against the people and that is treachery, and treachery does not go down well with the British people, and it is treachery as he is not offering anything less than a total capitulation of this country and its subjects to a foreign entity and the discarding of 17.4 million peoples votes. That is treasonous in any book and for that he must be stripped of any ability to have a say in the Lords and kicked out of the Palace of Westminster.


I don’t want to pay for this man from my hard earned taxes and I don’t want to pay for any person who actively works against the democratic will of the people and that is what he is doing. He is in a way putting up two fingers to the way our democracy works and wants to install nothing short of a dictatorship, because ignoring the will of the people and Parliament sends the wrong signals out about how this country conducts its laws and decisions, and with him being so willing to disregard it shows that he is not fit to be in there and he shouldn’t be.

Adonis has done nothing but work against the people for the last 4 years and we have had to pay him for that… is one insult after another and it has to stop. We must now make a request of Boris Johnson to strip the Lords and drain the swamp from those who are in there as lets face it they are not the best of us…

They are just failed politicians, political bandwagons jumped on by PM after PM, chums of the PM who really have done nothing to benefit the country, or people who have bought their way in and in this day and age is that really good enough?

We have shown Parliament what can happen when it disagrees with the will of the people and now we must do the same with the Lords.

Make them stand for election and let them put their political views forward and I can guarantee the almost 800 would be knocked down to no more than a couple of hundred, as most of them we would not trust to look after our dog never mind have a say in this great country.

If Adonis tries to block this deal then he and all the other plotters must be removed from the Lords and barred from attending because how can you expect we the people to pay for those who would so willingly stab us in the back.

Take back control of our laws means curbing the Lords next.

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