When will our safety come first?

I read with disbelief today that a paranoid schizophrenic from Albania who has murdered here….is going to be allowed to stay as he might harm people in Albania.

Since when has this been our problem? He has already caused harm here by MURDERING someone and yet a Judge unbelievably has allowed him to stay stating that she is concerned that he will hurt someone in Albania.

That is surely not her concern! Her concern must only be the people of this country and if there is a problem with him in Albania then that is their problem. Not ours and I am fed up to the back teeth of Judges putting the rights of murderers, rapists, drug peddlers, abusers etc first when in reality they should be kicking them back to the country they come from.

Again, there is concern he won’t take the meds….but that surely is the problem of Albania. No doubt now we are stuck with him there will be the cost of social services, the place he is staying, his daily living expenses all down to the likes of me to pay for and no consideration for the fact he could go out and murder someone yet again.

Astrit Mija killed his flatmate Arben Basha at their home in Ipswich in 2003. The Immigration Judge has said it would breach his human rights to send him home……for god sake what about the human rights of British people to not have people like him walking amongst us! Surely my right to not have such people here outweighs his? After all he would have his own justice system take care of him as god knows the British ones are not taking care of us.

The Home Secretary must find a way round this and get him out of this country. He is unstable and a danger and it is not fair that the next person murdered by him and there will be another one could have been saved by him being deported out of here….after all he arrived here falsely so why should he stay? He would have free treatment in Albania….so what are they waiting for? Get the murderer out of here and now.

I for one am getting fed up of out of touch Judges who are making decisions that are not in the best interest of this country and its citizens.

Maybe it is about time we had a mandatory testing system for Judges and an age limit because from what I see…the judicial system is fastly becoming not fit for purpose.

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