What a wonderful surprise….

Maybe I have misjudged the younger generation but a poll of 18 – 24 year olds have said that we needed to have had Margaret Thatcher in charge to tackle Covid and Brexit…

They weren't born until years after she had lost power, but the young adults dubbed Generation Z wish Maggie Thatcher was still around to sort out Covid and Brexit

I was 18 years of age when the grand lady stood for election after the Falklands War and she got in with a resounding victory and I thought she was the most fabulous person of our times, and I still do.

So it is refreshing that her legacy still carries on and that the young people of today can see what an extraordinary woman she was and she carried the torch for Britain, and everything she did was for her people and her beloved country.

We do need a Margaret Thatcher for the times we are in as she would have taken no crap from the European Union and Covid well…she would have dealt with it as she dealt with everything else….with confidence and ability and faith…..faith in this country and in its people as she knew what we were capable of…she never lost that faith in us.

Sadly, we shall never see the likes of her again and she now belongs to the ages but I do believe that I was so lucky to live in the time of when she was my Prime Minister and the vote for her was a pleasure. She put the Great into this country and we need it again, but it does hearten me that she is still remembered.

Baroness Thatcher was truly a Great Britain…..bless her soul.

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