Rationing the toilet rolls….again.

Tesco is now telling its customers that they can only purchase 3 of the following items!

Eggs, rice, soap and toilet roll along with a list of other things.

I think one of the things this pandemic has done is make people shop more wisely and make things last longer yep even toilet rolls. If it carries on there will be a 6 inch ring around the bath for water and not because I have to but because I want to just annoy my sons really…….

Tesco has reminded shoppers about a three-item limit on products including flour, dried pasta, toilet roll, baby wipes and anti-bacterial wipes
Tesco has reminded shoppers about a three-item limit on products including flour, dried pasta, toilet roll, baby wipes and anti-bacterial wipes (Daily Mail).

I must confess that I have purchased a lot of pasta but for good reason as my autistic grandson only likes pasta and it is difficult enough when he has the things he likes but I can remember the upsets when he had none…..so I went and bought 3 very very big bags and gave them his mum. So, I wonder if I am on the naughty list this year? If so I am sure I will be forgiven as he comes first along with his siblings.

I wonder if those panic buying really have any sense of what they are doing? I purchase the things all year round and once went into panic mode…when I ran out of my favourite tea. I am a huge Assam tea drinker and looked in disbelief at the 5 remaining teabags in the jar and thank god for Lidl as they stock it, and there was me with a little trolley as I get terribly bored shopping and there were trollies piled high with very fed up people pushing them, and I did feel sorry for the young shop assistant saying again and again that you can only have so many of….not quite sure what she thought of my Assam tea, cat treats, 2 loaves and lots of sliced chicken for the cats, and 3 treats for the dog. Told her that I am in survivalist mode….she started laughing.

The biggest problem I had was trying to get cat food last time….what on earth were people doing with the cat food? Food for the pooch was very easy to get but not for the cats. Resorted to Amazon but I can only assume that the cat food went the way of the toilet roll and it was hoarded.

Life will get back to normal and I can remember as a youngster we did not nearly have the choice we have now and maybe that is the solution. We get used to seasonal foods and cut down on the food we waste as it is ridiculous and think of the cost. Or something really radical….why don’t our farmers start growing foods again. I actually purchase from the local farm and it is so lovely and fresh. Yes a little bit more expensive but it lasts and is really delicious.

In the meantime there are people who are using toilet rolls as a new collateral I guess and there really is no need for it…..but I guess strange times brings out the strange in all of us, but wouldn’t be surprised if people started accepting toilet rolls to purchase goods next. Stranger things have happened.

As LCpl Jones would say…”Don’t panic”….and lets carry on.

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