Saddened by the lack of Britishness…

I made the mistake of getting involved in an argument with an ardent remainer on Twitter.

I had always prided myself on being able to be above all that and I have decided that sitting on the naughty step for an hour would calm me down…..but what you might be wondering had gotten me so het up!!!

This remainer had actually stated that he wanted all people like me…Brexiters to be arrested as traitors to Britain. I had the usual xenophobe and racist …oh and my favourite a Nazi insults thrown at me….but these names don’t bother me, nor did the rest of his rant aimed at the way I had voted. After all at my age who cares…certainly not me. I don’t give one jot what the fool thinks of me, and I know I am not any of the above and don’t feel I have to prove it to anyone as those who know me know me….basically.

Nope….I let the agitated fool carry on with his moronic insults and then I saw red. The brain dead fool actually stated and I quote that he wanted to use the beloved Union flag to wipe his backside on…..then I lost it.

I have to confess that I was taken aback by his lack of respect not for me but for the flag of Great Britain, and then I realised that there is no hope for the fool as to look at such a beautiful symbol of Britishness and think that, then he is lost to the world of idiots and fools.

I look at the flag of this country and it is beautiful. It is beautiful because so many people fought and died to keep it British. I remember watching the marines start their yomp across the Falklands with the British flag flying and my god I felt proud. When I see the flag flying high I get a lump in my throat it is beautiful, and fluttering in the wind tells me all I need to know about what it means to so many.

Generations before me have protected the flag even at the expense of their own lives and the lives of their friends and to have this modern day fool speak so disgustingly of such a beautiful thing….well ladies and gentlemen I swore. I actually swore……

When I look at the flag of my beloved island I see something that stands for humanity, democracy and decency. The flag of the United Kingdom is guaranteed to bring hope and joy to those who are being terrorised by the evil of this world, and above all it is my flag….the flag that reminds me I am British and what a great flag along with this great country.

Sadly, that is where some of the young people fail miserably. I had the honour to serve in HM Forces Army and if needed even this old broken wreck would serve to protect this country, my flag and the monarchy as all of them are wrapped up in our history, and what a marvellous complicated, glorious history that is.

I will be flying the Union Flag from my home on the 31st December 2020 as it is the start of our Sovereignity and I know my neighbours think I am a bit nuts but they know I am harmless, but the one thing they can never doubt is my love of the red, white and blue that flutters in the wind and to be born here really has been the privilege.

When you gaze on that ultimate symbol of Britishness ask not what your country do for you, but what can you do for your country and thank the generations before us who made us great.

As for the twitter fool….well turns out he is a virtual gamer and that says all I need to know about him. That and he wears a tin foil helmet, has no friends and lives in his mothers basement.

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