The hypocrisy of SKY TV Journalists.

Day after day we have had to endure the endless drivel from some journalists who feel that they should tell us what to think and they no longer interview but rather bully, cajole and dictate what goes on in the news, and to be honest they are the biggest turn off, and because of them we no longer trust the news channels.

Gone are the days of the real newsreader who was impartial and whose only job was to give the news….not become part of it, some of the current bunch think they can do what they want and say what they want.

How many times over the Spring and Summer did we have to listen to the endless hate spewed from the likes of Beth Rigby and Kay Burley regarding those who they say had committed the worst sin….moving during the Covid 19 pandemic. Their special hatred being reserved for Dominic Cummings.

Kay Burley looks set to be off air until next year and other Sky stars at the event including Beth Rigby (pictured together) have also been taken off presenting duties pending an investigation
Kay Burley and Beth Rigby

We had to watch them from their snooty towers tear into Dominic Cummings who had driven to his parents house with his son for child care arrangements due to him and his wife becoming unwell. They did not get out of a car and did not come into contact with anyone, but that did not stop them from almost blaming him for the pandemic and I am surprised they didn’t accuse him of murder to be honest… that was almost the route they were going down.

What did they do….oh much more than one Mr Cummings…..the journalists including Burley and Rigby and North of England correspondent Inzamam Rashid and host Sam Washington attended a 60th birthday party for Burley. This goes totally against the direct regulations from the Government and Sky TV have now taken the newsreaders of the air and quite rightly so.

I know that some people will think but its only a party…..and in normal circumstances nobody would say a thing but in this current climate it is absolutely irresponsible, especially from those who sit there day after day in front of our TV screens.

We have had nothing but their unwanted opinion for months of this Covid 19 and of course they delighted in being able to do their sniping at any Conservative Minister, MP or adviser that caught breaking the rules and my lord did we have endless, endless, endless, endless, endless, endless comments and of course these TV journalists love nothing more than hearing the drone of their own dulcet tones.

I think Adam Boulton got it right when he retweeted:

Adam Boulton, who has worked with Kay for 31 years, retweeted a message branding the partygoers morons

Of course they come out with some rubbish comment that they had “inadvertently” broken the lock down rules and do you think these witches of Macbeth would have let any politician or adviser off with that explanation? Not on your life. They would have nipped and nipped and nipped away until they were in full attack dog mode and they have now been visited by karma and for that should pay the price and lose their jobs.

There is nothing we dislike more than sanctimonious self entitled Journalists giving their unwanted opinion and I for one will be delighted if they are sacked from Sky News and we have seen the last of all of them, as they have no ounce of credibility now.

Maybe we should sit them in a garden and get Dominic Cummings to question them with the same snootiness they did with him, and ask them as to why they think they are above the law… that would be an interesting interview. Critics have also blasted Beth Rigby, who was sent by Sky to grill Dominic Cummings after he flouted lockdown rules to go to Barnard Castle in May during the infamous press conference in the Downing Street garden. Ms Burley also tore into cabinet minister Michael Gove after he defended Mr Cummings. 

According to the ‘i’ newspaper, Sky’s bosses dragged Kay out to the Osterley officers for a grilling yesterday morning where she is believed to have met head of news John Riley, director of content Christina Nicoletti Squires. A source close to Miss Burley admitted she ‘doesn’t have a leg to stand on’.

Lets hope we end 2020 with sackings from Sky TV…….

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