Boris will not sell out this country….

Boris Johnson is quite right when he tells Parliament that no Prime Minister will sell out this country, and thankfully that Prime Minister he is referring to is himself. Sadly, if it was left upto Theresa May, David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and John Major this beautiful island would have been sold out a lot quicker, and for some the cost would of just being the Presidency of the EU, and for others the price would have been even less….say a pat on the head.

Taking PMQs ahead of the crunch talks, Boris Johnson insisted that a 'good deal is still there to be done' despite the increasingly bitter standoff
Boris Johnson

He is due to attend a meeting with the EU this evening and he knows that the red lines of being a Sovereign nation is something he will not give away, and the EU know it.

The sticking points :

No Sovereign country would ever think about having to put up with the demands of the EU and that shows that the EU were never serious in their discussions with us and still are not. Due to the duplicitous MPs who have tried to stop this Brexit for the last 3.5 years, the EU seems to think they can dictate and it has not occurred to them anymore that they cannot. Those days of watching with great embarrassment a British Prime Minister suck up to the EU because she did not believe in this country is gone. Her Brexit is Brexit speech is nothing more than A dog is A dog…it is meaningless as she and her cabinet was.

I know we have burst the Franco German dream of dictating to Great Britain and you can feel the agony that they had gotten so close because of our lying politicians and previous Prime Ministers, but they are now forever on the outside looking in and day dreaming about what might of been……the thing is we love Europe. I think my Polish and Slovak neighbours are just about the loveliest people I have met….infact one of them is going to be hired to build me a new kitchen. They have learnt that most wonderful British habit….gossiping with a cup of tea across the fence, and this summer we are going to be taking up our fences so that we can all get together without something being in our way. I can see lots of BBQs and the Polish sausages smell delicious, and of course the gorgeous summer nights of sitting in the garden chatting..

It is not the people we dislike but rather the EU monstrosity in Brussels.

Did they really think that after the antics the EU has pulled for the last 40 plus years that the people of this country were going to put up with it? The EU is nothing more than a German led power hold over Europe with the help of France….after all they are arguing all the time about why Germany and France seem to get the lion’s share of everything, and now the two countries are demanding the vaccine first. So much for chums together. If we had friends like that who would need enemies and this is what the majority of the British people realised.

You cannot trust the endless gravy train of the taxpayer funded gilded lifestyle that the MEPs have. They don’t even make the decisions. It seems unelected officials make up the decisions and wanna bet where they are mostly from!!!

See the source image

The Commission is made up of 28 unelected commissioners, who cannot be held to account. Each commissioner has a specific policy area in which to create laws. The Commission has a President; unlike the other 27 commissioners he/she is personally elected by the European Parliament. The Commission is advised by the Directorate General, which along with the Commission is heavily lobbied. Once the Commission proposes an EU law, this proposal is taken to the Parliament.

Secondly, the Parliament is made up of MEPs who are elected by the people in EU Member States every five years in elections. National parties arrange themselves into European groups of similar parties throughout Europe. It also has a President who was voted in by the Parliament. Theoretically, the Parliament has the ability to remove the Commission; however the Parliament has never successfully been able to remove it – even when the Commission has been full of corrupt cronies. The Parliament didn’t even remove the commission of 2004 to 2009 which was full of questionable characters. This Commission included Siim Kallas the Anti-Fraud Commissioner who was given this role despite being charged with fraud, abuse of power and providing false information after £4.4million disappeared while he was head of Estonia’s national bank.

This is not a Parliament in any real sense, as they have no right to propose laws. Instead it is a façade, created to make the EU look democratic, rather than give the public a choice over those who makes their laws. The Parliament does vote and can make amendments on laws proposed by the Commission, but the Commission must accept any of the amendments proposed for the changes to become effective, showing where the power lies. Additionally, once something becomes an EU law, the Parliament has no ability to propose a change to this law. All the power is given to the Commission.  (

One of the things that the EU wants is for us to follow their rules or be at pain of being taken to the European Court…..the Court of Justice of the EU is supposed to interpret EU laws to ensure they comply with the EU treaties. Unfortunately, it does not do this. It happily ignores the treaties when it wants to if the EU is pushing its own federalist agenda. This is not a court like we have in this country; it is a kangaroo court wilfully ignoring the rule of law, as it did with the bailouts which should have been deemed illegal. The treaties clearly stated bailouts were illegal, but as the bailouts helped to prop up the failing Eurozone project, the EU court allowed them anyway.

The EU is nothing but a con job and a place where politicians who should have been kicked off the gravy train years ago stay to rob the tax payers of more money, and to live the sort of lifestyle we can only dream off.

It is the unelected, unaccountable monstrosity that we voted against and Boris is right, no British PM would even think of giving away our Sovereign rights, and how dare those very people who Great Britain went to the aid of treat this country they way they do. Remember we still have veterans alive who risked their lives to get rid of the evil that swallowed up Europe in the 40s, and we are now the starting point of getting rid of another evil that is creeping across Europe again.

I think the next country we will see go is Hungary and they will move towards Russia as it seems that the EU can withhold payments, take countries to court, ignore the peoples choice for Judges and insisting on having their own stooges put in, and then to dictate again and again what a country has to do and who it must let in. This is not going to end well.

Now if as a remainer that is your idea of heaven, then you have a very warped sense of democracy and freedom. You see Boris has it right….it is our right to act as a Sovereign nation, to state who can use our waters, to make our laws and decisions, to decide who we do business with and to make our own treaties without the interference of any other country. Now that is true Sovereign democracy.

So come on Boris take that step forward and tell Europe we are going and we are going on WTO terms and let them sort out the mess as we have had enough of their unwelcome interference and good riddance I say.

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