When MPs disappoint.

I was full of enthusiasm for standing for the council as I firmly believe in democracy and my values are the conservative party, always have been and the thought that I could represent them at a small level but to do good for the people of my home town… Then the skids went on…… IContinue reading “When MPs disappoint.”

Sir Humphreys storm in a teacup….pass them a handkerchief.

Seems the back room staff are now after a scalp in the form of the Home Secretary, Priti Patel. Never going to happen. Sir Alex Allen the Prime Minister’s adviser on standards sensationally quit today after Mr Johnson over-ruled him and decided that Ms Patel’s behaviour towards civil servants did not constitute a breach ofContinue reading “Sir Humphreys storm in a teacup….pass them a handkerchief.”

There is something rotten and dodgy at the heart of this Government.

I like many people are absolutely disgusted to read of those “friends” of Government and Cabinet Ministers who have profited from this pandemic by the poor PPE contracts and final goods on offer. £18 billion of our money has been “given” away to whoever had a chum in Government, and it is beginning to smellContinue reading “There is something rotten and dodgy at the heart of this Government.”

Barack has it all wrong again….

Barack Obama has stated that America’s enemies will exploit the ongoing issues between Trump and Biden. Excuse me….what??? Did Obama not even think that dropping bombs on innocent people at a weddings might do it? Dropping drones in Pakistan resulting in the murders of innocent men, women and children…does he think that might do it?Continue reading “Barack has it all wrong again….”

God save us from virtual signalling councils.

Plymouth Council have decided to rename Sir John Hawkins square to that of a black footballer because of riots this summer. God save us from virtual signalling councils. This is Plymouth…..like Portsmouth home of the Royal Navy. The same Royal Navy that has for centuries protected us from our enemies. I am not saying thatContinue reading “God save us from virtual signalling councils.”