This is not justice….

We are told to have faith in the law and that justice will be done, well this latest development has shown that the law can be ass and there is no justice for the victims murdered at the hands of this monster, her husband and her sex buddy.

Mairead Philpott is out of prison. She has only served half of the 17 year sentence for the serial killing of her children. She helped murder 6 children….yes 6 children. That is just over a year she has served for murdering them and for what….nothing more than pure greed and gain.

The serial killing couple faking tears …not one tear for those poor children…not one…..

The murdering monster is delighted that she is out at the earlier possible release date but I am fuming, and no doubt many more parents will be. What justice is there in this? Where is the justice for the children murdered at the hands of her and her accomplices??

The couple's six children - Duwayne, 13, Jade, 10, John, nine, Jack, seven, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five - died from smoke inhalation as a result of the blaze
The couple’s six children – Duwayne, 13, Jade, 10, John, nine, Jack, seven, Jesse, six, and Jayden, five – died from smoke inhalation as a result of the blaze.

Can you just imagine how terrified those children must of been knowing that the house was on fire and they were dying as they would have known they were dying. The smoke filling up their lungs and struggling for breath and crying out for their parents to save them. Hiding as the flames got higher and wanting their parents….feeling the life draining out of their young bodies and they must of been terrified. When they were brought out they had burn marks on them….the poor poor darlings.

The only saving grace is that they didn’t know they were being murdered by their parents.

This monster will cost us hundreds of thousands of pounds as apparently she is entitled to a new identity. Well that should not be allowed. She should run the gauntlet everyday for the rest of her life and labelled what she is …..a serial killing monster.

The bleeding hearts brigade would say that she was dominated by Philpott her husband, well it doesn’t wash with me as if my other half had mentioned anything like that I would be ringing the police to pick me after having put him in the ground. Mothers are meant to nurture their young…not murder them.

She went along with it for nothing more than getting a bigger house. She was already popping out children for a financial gain and really these children were already born into a tragedy, they just didn’t know how it would end. If you constantly have children for nothing more than money and for a life on the taxpayer then it should be stopped.

These murderers made a life out of the benefits system and Mick Philpott was scamming the system and stealing from us, and yet the greed of him and his wife knew no end. He was already a convict for almost murdering his former girlfriend and her mother so what idiot in the social services department thought it was ok for him to be around children? Why have they not been disciplined? It is about time the social services were shook up as I would be damned if the children would have stayed with them.

I am sick to death of do-gooders putting the perpetrator first. If there was true justice in this country she would have been hanging from a rope with her scummy husband, and the monster she was having a threesome with. We are not talking people with a moral compass here. They are first class scum and those poor children did not stand a chance. Sadly, they never did.

They have been robbed of their lives and now they have been robbed of their justice and that should never have happened. I and no doubt many of the readers here are losing faith in our justice system. There is none in this case.

If we had the American system then she would be waiting for the injection and quite rightly so and if not then hundreds of years behind bars and whilst I object to paying for any of the dregs of society at least justice for the children would have been done.

This is not justice. People who have committed fraud get more than her and they have not murdered anyone. She has murdered 6 children. 6 young innocent people who could have gone on to do so much and that was snatched away by the very people who were supposed to be there for them. They were supposed to protect them and keep them safe and what did they do….MURDER THEM.

As a mother I feel physically sick that this monster is out in society. I would go to jail if anyone touched my children and they are adults but I would as I never stop being a mother and they are my babies even at 6ft plus. She does not deserve the title mother. She is not a mother she is a murderer.

What is frightening is that she is still young enough to have children. So how many more children will be at risk when she doesn’t get what she wants. She has zero sense in men, zero sense in how to be a productive citizen and zero sense in how to be a mother. Lets give her the label that she is…… she is a murdering serial killer. She murdered children.

The law has failed these children. The Justice system has failed, the parole board has failed…they have all failed the children who now lie in a cold earth murdered at the hands of their mother and father.

I honestly don’t know what we as a society have to do to actually get justice for our most innocent of people. We are told that children have to be protected at all times yet these gorgeous looking babies, as they were just that young children were failed at every level, yet the bleeding hearts system will pull out the stops for her. It is wrong…so wrong.

The way they lived should have brought up red flags, his violent temper should have brought up red flags, the way they behaved after the murders made any decent person want to be sick. Singing and having threesomes in some hotel room, fake tears and demanding freebies….it really is disgusting. She is disgusting.

When are we going to get Judges who will actually do what we ask of them? To give the victims justice because from where I am sat this murdering sack of **** has not paid the price for taking the lives of those children, and the only thing I can hope for is that she is never given a minutes peace and that they haunt her for the rest of her life.

Sadly though in reality…she will be on the look out for another man or men seeing as she likes multiple ones and any family she has with them will be at risk, because having murdered once and getting away with it….what is there to say she won’t do it again? I have no faith that social services will even consider taking any children she has away from her because of her human rights!! From where I stand she is not human and does not deserve any rights whatsoever. Afford her the same care she gave those children.

Maybe it is time for the discussion of bringing back the death penalty as if anyone deserved it…it is the Philpott’s and maybe the public outrage will force Parliament to change the law but I wouldn’t bank on it, the bleeding hearts brigade is rife in there.

How many more children being murdered will it take before true justice is done?

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