The Pope treads on ground he will never understand!

Seems the Pope is trying to guilt Catholic women in Argentina by comparing abortion to hiring a hit man. What a totally ridiculous statement.

Lord save us from men who have no idea of what a woman goes through.

I am not against abortion and a woman should have the right to do that. I am against abortion from 12 weeks onwards unless on medical advice, and allowing it up to the last day of a pregnancy is criminal and should be made illegal as we know that children can live from 23 weeks plus.. It is a person when it is developed even small but only when it can live outside of the womb….but I for one am fed up of a celibate male telling a woman what she can and cannot do.

Pope Francis has writted to anti-abortion protesters in his native Argentina, calling on them to keep demonstrating while comparing the procedure to 'hiring a hitman'
Pope Francis

The Pope who is Argentinean is protesting at the new law that will allow abortions in Argentina and he is encouraging Catholics to rally against it. Does he not have the problem of child molesters and child rapists to worry about in the Catholic church first? After all not a week goes by when we are not reading of some pervert priest who has attacked children.

He has done next to nothing to weed out the most vile of people who hide behind a collar to abuse children, yet as a man he feels that he can interfere in a woman’s right to choose. WRONG he has no right.

The Argentine President Alberto Fernandez will be de-criminalising abortion as too many women are having to resort to back street abortionists and that is putting their lives at risk. This rule of no abortion for the Catholic church includes those who have been raped and those abused as children.

What an archaic backward stupid attitude.

The Pope has no moral authority to speak out on anything. He sits as the head of the most corrupt organisation on planet Earth. As the recently passed Diego Maradona once stated to John Paul II….”why not sell some of the mosaics you have to pay for the poor”, and that sums it up. The greed within the church is disgusting.

It is not a religion but a business. They want to rule over the poor and the ignorant whilst reaping in millions and millions each year. Keeping the Princes of the Church in their silk garments and designer shoes, eating at all the best restaurants, being seen with the shakers and movers and of course first class travel all the way. Why not when someone else is paying for it, what does it matter that the poor suffer when the Priests and Bishops are living the high life. It seems it does not matter to them.

The paintings alone could resolve hunger in one country and will they sell it…not a chance. I wonder what that poor carpenter from Nazareth would think if he saw the opulence of the Vatican when he himself had nothing. He acquired no goods and preached not from a building with some of the worlds greatest masterpieces in it, but rather on the shores of a Lake or from the side of a hill….no church for him but he drew crowds to him because he spoke from the heart.

The whole thing of the greed of this religion is obscene, it is sickening.

The Pope needs to stay out of a woman’s choice as it is just that a woman’s choice. In the past too many women have had too many children and not been able to support them or they have died from child-birth and this seems to be ok with the Catholic church, and why?? It is to do with the fact they are male and they will not allow for the ordination of women.

If women ran the Vatican it would be a more Christian place, children would less at risk of abuse, infact that risk would be greatly reduced. Women would more sympathetic and understanding to the plight of those who do not want a child as yet again the Catholic Church tells the faithful it is wrong to use contraceptive. Another unwelcome intrusion by a bunch of hysterical male celibates who are closeted in their wealth.

No-one should take away the choices of a woman, that is for her to decide and true to form the interference of the Pope and the Catholic Church will only add to the misery of choice, and that is not a very Christian stance at all now is it.

The Catholic Church needs to move forward with the times as currently it is stuck in the middle ages with this backward attitude, and more and more women are learning there is a choice and it is not the role of a celibate man to tell them otherwise.

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