I don’t care if the PC brigade go up in arms….

Or shout hysterically as to what a bigot I am…but men who are born men cannot and do not breastfeed. You may be asking what am I on about….

Well it seems the trend is for chest-feeding rather than breast feeding. The world has officially gone to hell in a hand basket.

I am not saying that a woman who is changing sex to a man cannot breast feed….she can until the transition is complete but under no circumstances can a man breastfeed including a man who changes sex to a woman. You have to be born a woman…..

Why do the looney PC brigade even pander to this? It is becoming crazier by the minute.

A breastfeeding charity is now going to let men who identify as women attend breastfeeding sessions for those WOMEN who are struggling. God give me strength. Apparently even those who are non binary….I am totally lost on how this all gathered pace.

A breastfeeding charity has sparked outrage by allowing men who identify as female to attend meetings for mothers struggling to feed their babies (stock image)

A breastfeeding charity has sparked outrage by allowing men who identify as female to attend meetings for mothers struggling to feed their babies. The British branch of the La Leche League (LLLGB) is offering to provide breastfeeding support to transgender women, who were born male. The charity – founded in 1956 by a group of mothers – runs 80 local groups across Britain where a La Leche ‘leader’ and mothers will exchange advice.

This is just getting beyond ridiculous now and I trust that those who run this charity actually went to school and did human biology? I am not the brightest spark in the box for human biology but MEN don’t have the natural born breasts to do this….

I can imagine the PC brigade jumping up and down and I have been called every name under the sun and as I have stated time and time again….I don’t care, at my age I have thick skin and can brush anything off you care to name me, but this is now crossing the line between the sexes.

After all…can women attend the clinic to provide sperm? If not why not? Why can they not attend and see what the men do?? It is just the same…but oh wait….women even women who are now transitioning to men cannot produce it…but hey that shouldn’t stop it…lets all tip up at the clinic and see how they like it.

Its the same as saying people who have periods!! WOMEN, WOMEN, WOMEN who were born with the female body parts have periods, the same women who were born with the breast feeding body parts are the only ones who can do this.

A statement on the charity’s website says: ‘Trans men, trans women and non-binary individuals may choose to breastfeed or chest feed their babies. ‘You do not need to have given birth to breastfeed or chest feed, as we can also see in the experiences of those nursing adopted babies.’

This week a former La Leche League leader told how ‘alarmed’ she was at the prospect of trans women joining meetings with other mothers in a post on Mumsnet.  She wrote: ‘I was a La Leche League leader for many years and am very upset to see how the organisation has lost its focus on the mother and baby. ‘LLLGB should not be promoting the idea that males can induce lactation to feed a baby. ‘There is no evidence to say this is safe, only an anecdotal example of a case where a doctor in the US enabled this to happen using off label drugs,’ she added. 

Another Mumsnet user wrote: ‘It is really depressing that a breastfeeding charity isn’t prioritising breastfeeding. 

(Source the Daily Mail)

I am not saying that people do not have the right to be the person they want to be. Everyone has the right to live the life they want and if that means transitioning then good on them and I would back that person every time as it is their right and anyone who disagrees really is not a nice person, .but please leave us women something as it seems that the PC brigade are not happy until they have stripped us everything…and that is not very PC now is it?

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