China ramping up their military…

Seems the President of China Xi Jinping has told his military to not fear death as he ramps up the military for what seems like a threat to other countries. He has told the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) to not fear hardship either. There is something brewing in the mind of this President…there always is.

Will it be war over the South China Seas or will he go after India?

The South China Sea.

China is at odds with the United States of America, Japan and all the other nations that use the South China Sea and of course India.

Xi Jinping
President Xi Jingping

Whatever China are doing it cannot be a positive outcome for the rest of the world, but then the rest of the world are doing nothing. They have done nothing about the Chinese slaves being worked to death in camps for the benefit of Western Companies. Women who are having forced abortions, adults being beaten and mutilated and children being indoctrinated and all because of being Muslim.

For the past two years, China has built up dozens of concentration camps in Xinjiang, its largest and westernmost province, where between 1 million to 3 million Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and other Muslim ethnic minorities were forced to live, enduring indoctrination, torture, rape, and murder. In December, the Chinese government – which always referred to the concentration camps as “vocational training centres” – announced that the concentration camp victims had graduated from “vocational training” and left the camps. Study: Nike, Apple, BMW Among 83 Brands Using Uyghur Slave Labor (

The world has done nothing and the camps are still flourishing.

The world has done nothing whilst China is robbing Hong Kong of its civil rights, its freedom and its democracy and it has turned its sights on Taiwan…the world is doing nothing, so no wonder the Chinese President is getting ready. It seems no one will stop him.

After all China sits on a human rights council (how laughable is that), and they actually have some clout. That is like letting a 10 foot fox into the chicken coop by leaving the door open and the chickens tied up.

Last week, China was appointed to a seat on the Consultative Group of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Jiang Duan, an official at the Chinese Mission in Geneva, was nominated and confirmed by the Asia regional grouping and will hold the seat until March 2021. The appointment places China on an influential panel that oversees candidate recommendations for UN human rights experts and is likely to raise some concerns given China’s less than perfect record on human rights issues. China Appointed to Influential UN Human Rights Council Panel – The Diplomat

The council’s mandate is to promote and protect human rights around the world, particularly through the mechanisms of the Universal Periodic Review, which examines the human rights performance of all UN members; the advisory committee; the complaints procedure; and the “special procedures,” which empower the UNHRC to gather expert observations and advice on human rights issues with either country-specific or thematic mandates. Seems that someone made a FUBR letting this happen……

Not only that but they are permanent members of the UN and it seems that they can do what they want and nobody is held responsible. I only hope that someone in power is watching and starts to get things ready behind the back of China, as one day they will march and the I told you so…won’t be worth anything. The only ones who are big enough to stop China is India and as always I will be backing India and we must offer all the help, and support we can both financially and militarily when that happens and it is only a matter of time……

Until then we need to stand up and fight for Hong Kong as that is our modern day shame. The United Kingdom should never have handed that beautiful jewel in the Far Eastern Crown over. We left the good people of Hong Kong in the hands of a regime that doesn’t care about their rights and it will eat up the very soul that is Hong Kong, and we must protect Taiwan and the South China Seas as there is oil and minerals under there that they must not be allowed to get their hands on.

I know that you have to try and have some pretence of being friends but this is getting ridiculous now by having this President and his council sitting in the same room as those who value democracy. It makes a mockery of all that we hold dear and creates fear amongst those who are next in the firing line.

We also need to start prosecuting those Western firms who are knowingly using slave labour to maximise their profits. In this day and age it is nauseating that they are allowed to do this and it must be brought to a stop NOW.

Surely we can prosecute the CEOs and the Directors of these companies for aiding and abetting slavery, torture and murder…that will get them pulling out of contracts, and the quicker the better. Human life is precious and the people who run these companies should be made to see that and if they lose their multi million pound bonuses then I see that as a good price to pay to stop the evil of slavery and so should they.

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