As 2020 slowly comes to an end… services will be added to Points of Sue.

What a year it has been for Points of Sue and it just keeps getting better from a writing point of view.

We have had the scare of the pandemic, the coming together of people to help others, the Presidential election and we are well on our way to Brexit. The world of politics has given me so much to write about that it has been difficult sometimes picking which subjects…but I hope that people have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

My year is already at a high now as I have been elected to the Council of Governors for the local two hospitals and my blogging site has increased by some 15 more countries to 71and it is growing, and there has been an increase of some 800% up on readers from the previous year.

I might not have the political clout of mainstream journalists but they are looking at my posts and leaving me some feedback privately which is helpful, and I am getting through lots more interest with regards to my site which can only be a good thing.

I think winning an election albeit for the Council of Governors is definitely a tick on my list of things I wanted to achieve, and the continued growth of my site. This I can only achieve with your help and an 800% increase from last year is huge for me as well as now being viewed in 71 countries. It is a steady growth but it is a growth and who knows what 2021 will bring, a bigger increase in readers and countries is my aim.

I still have another month and am hoping to hit a figure of 900% and anything is possible and it has left me feeling that I made the right choice to do this , and I will be creating a website in the new year for people to join in interactively with me. This will be a site that promotes industries and where people can pose questions directly to me.

If anyone would like to discuss my writing articles for them or promoting their goods, services or their company then please give me a shout at and I would be more than happy to discuss your requirements. My rates are lower than mainstream and I will always give an honest review and will be downloading videos of demonstrations of consumer goods in the new year. There will be no spin nor Hollywood style make overs just an honest working review for all to see.

In the New Year and following the end of lockdown I will be concentrating more on the travel and entertainment industry. As a Management and Customer Services Trainer and with a considerable number of people trained under my belt, I will be visiting clients unannounced and uploading the completed videos of hotels and accommodation for holidays and giving a full review.

This will include the accommodation, the staff, the food and all the amenities including the local area. If you are hotel, restaurant or work in the holiday industry and you want to discuss this further then please contact me at the email above. The interest is high already as people want to get their business out there as soon as possible. Lets promote Great Britain PLC as a wonderful place to holiday, visit, shop and dine.

Till then, thank you for your continued support and roll on putting up the Christmas tree.

Points of Sue.

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