Why let truth get in the way of a story!!

The assassination of a Iranian nuclear scientist has created all sorts of speculation. We have had the usual its Israel, oh its Trump etc but until there is prove why on earth are the mainstream media saying it is so?

Who in there right mind is giving Iran the go ahead to create this weapon under the disguise of wanting it for energy?? Oh yes one Obama…and he managed to hoodwink half of the European leaders into it as well. You actually have to question the intelligence of those in power as lets face it we know the Iranians are a loose cannon, their leaders are a loose cannon and they would quite happily obliterate Israel given the chance. After all they have said often enough and are even classed as a rogue state…

Fakhrizadeh-Mahabadi – a physics professor and former officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard – was killed in his car following an explosion and then machine gun fire near to Tehran, state media reports. Pictured: A photo purporting to be from the scene that was widely shared by local media 

I am sorry for the family of the man who was killed as to lose a relative is saddening, but why have the mainstream media always got to bring it back round to Donald Trump? They forget one thing…if it was him, then he would have said so as he is not behind the door at coming forward but the MSM won’t let truth stand in the way of their rabid dislike of Donald Trump.

President Trump has dropped one bomb on one bad guy in his 4 years in power, and lets not forget Obama was too busy dropping bombs on innocent wedding parties in Pakistan as they were expendable. The rise of ISIS under his watch and the admittance that they had received weapons from the USA was outrageous….all under the watch of Obama. How ludicrus that this man of blood received the peace prize. Makes a mockery of those who actually deserved it.

Yet nothing is said of Obama and the MSM and the left love him….but stand back people and count how much blood this man is responsible for. Innocent blood….

Are the leftists that het up about the current President that they have to accuse him of things he has not done whilst ignoring the things that President Obama did do. Don’t forget this man and his rotten secretary of state left an ambassador and 3 Americans to die in Benghazi. What did they do….yep tried to cover it up and blame others and yet nothing. Not one go at him or her for the murder of thousands they are responsible for…..

Yet Donald took out at the most 1 bad guy and the left are up in arms and screeching what a monster he is.

I am under no doubt that Israel does not need the go ahead from the President of the United States of America to take out what they see as a threat to their country, and lets face the incoming one is going to be a huge threat to Israel as he is going to undo all the good work that Donald Trump has done.

Donald has managed to bring former enemies together as now friends and they will protect each others country, and if that means taking out who they see as a threat then they will do so…other countries have been doing it for years.

Biden is out of his depth already and both Israel and the Saudis know that. They know they cannot depend on him for support and must make their own way now, and we will see more and more of this type of assassination and there is nothing the United States or Iran can do, however I do wish that the leftists and the MSM would stop putting the blame on Donald Trump…..next thing the loons will be blaming him for the 10 plagues.

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