For the sake of the NHS….

I know that there are many rumblings from those who feel this lockdown has gone on for far too long, but take a step back and think of those who have been on the frontline of fighting this pandemic. Do you think they feel the steps have gone far enough? Do you not think they have seen horrors that we cannot and do not want to think of?

I am always in awe of Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Theatre Staff, Porters, Cleaners and all the administrative staff who work in hospitals as they did not do what the rest of us did when this pandemic started, they did not stay at home and look out of the window not daring to step foot outside, but rather they took the decision and the very brave decision to go in and do what they do best… for the community, care for us.

The NHS as we know is the not the highest paid in the country, and it is shameful that there is even the contemplation that they might not get a pay rise. If I could and I run the country then they would be the first in line, along with the military who put their lives at risk to keep this country going, but sadly I am not and the Government should really be looking at double figures wage increase without the slightest murmur of disagreement.

I know that people will say we are in a recession but with a pandemic we were always going to be in a recession with this global virus, but this was not at the forefront of our minds when we saw week in week out the number of NHS staff who had died fighting this, all we did was show our sympathy and very little else as what could we do? Except stay in our homes and try to prevent it spreading and this is where I came in…..

I know that the thought of not hugging granny at Christmas can be devastating to some, and I cannot see my mother and I want too as she might be an old battle axe but she is my old battle axe and I love my mother to pieces, but I don’t want to lose her. I would sooner know that I can talk to her on the phone the day after Christmas day and every day that she has left and god willing there are years……

So….for the sake of those NHS staff who will be the ones having to deal with any increase in Covid, please do what is necessary. I know the Government rules are obscure and they are really really frustrating as they do not make sense half of the time, but we are all adults and we know that by having unnecessarily loud crowds could put those we love at risk, and not only those we love but those we respect and it is not fair on them to have to cope with what could be a rise in the R infection rate.

I am pinning my hopes on the scientists and their ability to create a vaccine and then and only then can we go about our everyday life, but we will have to be careful and not grow to big too early as whatever we do some brave people in the NHS will have to deal with this and I think they have had too much to bear with the ones they have lost already.

So, please do not decide that because you are an adult that the Government cannot tell you what do, but remember that there is someone who works in the NHS who will have to deal with this pandemic if it grows again and they are the loved one of a family unit and surely they should have the maximum protection that we can offer just by being careful until this awful virus is gone.

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