Another insult….

Seems the EU negotiator Monsieur Barnier has made an offer of £104 million for the access to our fishing waters, in other words they want the same as they had the previous years when our fishermen were being hounded out of their own waters. I don’t seem to remember any concern for our fishing industry that was hitting the rocks literally. There was nothing offered by the EU in a way to make sure they did not suffer the losses they were……there was nothing. The EU did not care because it was Britain. They have never cared about us….they have only cared about the money they continued to get from us. We were Europe’s ATM and now it stops and they don’t like it.

The cost of the fish caught by the European fishermen far exceeds that insultingly small amount, and do they really think that we can bought off with so little. They do not understand the terminology of sovereign nation and controlling our own waters.

Thankfully the PM has said no…..

Mr Barnier was understood to be preparing a climbdown that hands British fishermen a boost of up to 18 percent of catch quotas in our waters. But British officials laughed off the plan, insisting Brussels would have to move further before an agreement is possible. A UK source close to the talks told “It’s derisory, there’s nothing more to say about it.”

How kind of them….a whole 18% of our own waters and our fish. Mr Barnier really does not have any respect for the fact that we are a sovereign nation and as such it belongs to us.

Michel Barnier and Boris Johnson
Mr Barnier and the PM

That is why the EU negotiations are going to fail as both France and Germany saw the rule of Great Britain in their sights and did not ever think that one day they would lose it, and this is what it is all about. The French want to think they can control what we do….and they cannot.

Mr Barnier has complained that no significant progress can be made until we in the United Kingdom give into their demands, but this is not going to happen for two reasons. Firstly, the PM would never put the blue wall of the North at risk and secondly, he recognises what the idea of a totally independent nation means and sadly the French do not. There is no way we will give in and Barnier cannot see it. He is either blind or stupid, and I do not believe for one minute he is blind….

What the French and the rest of the EU did not realise is that as Great Britain we would have played by a fair set of rules if they had done too, but they couldn’t and they have now met their Waterloo and they cannot have it the way they have for the last 40 years. Our waters and our powers were handed to them on a plate because for some reason British Prime Ministers were working against the people. The lure of the EU gold plated gravy train that awaited anyone willing to sell us out must of been too great, but Boris and Parliament know that the people are fickle, and like all actors on the political stage we can force them to exit left off the stage if necessary and kick them all out of parliament.

That is what this Government does not want and they know that this majority they have will only work if they do not give into the French and the EU as we will never forgive them if they do.

Mr Barnier has to go back to the EU and persuade them it is now time to accept no deal, and that we will be out and trading on WTO terms because a British Prime Minister of a truly independent sovereign state has decided that our freedom is worth far more than trying to be good chaps to those who have taken too much for granted and treated us with disrespect.

We can save £39 billion, we will be out of the EU transition period from 2300 hrs on the 31st December 2020, we will no longer be taking any orders from a foreign power and we will have the British parliament decided by the British people will make the rules and laws that will benefit us and what is there not to like about that?

It goes to show you that the European Union have never understood us and with the rumblings in Poland and Hungary….the rot has set in.

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