Will Starmer kick out Corbyn and his chums??

Listening to Starmer on the BBC news stating that he knew the problems and the fears that Labour Jewish members were going through……really!!! Well can Starmer please tell us what he did to stop it...but what this blog is about is will he kick out Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott and the others?

The current news is that Corbyn is SUSPENDED…..why not KICKED OUT??

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All those who were in the Shadow Front Bench whilst this was going on are collectively responsible. Those with a moral compass the right way resigned and walked away from having anything to do with Corbyn and his cult but there are those senior members who stood by and did nothing and one of which was Starmer.

Starmer will of course bat away the blame from him as that is the plan all along, but what do you think the chances are that Captain Hindsight will actually grow a set and kick out all those who are behind Corbyn and Corbyn himself?

He won’t…. and do you know why? He knows that when Corbyn walks so will 40 to 50 Labour MPs and Starmer will be left with virtually nothing, and definitely no power and for Starmer it is all about power.

Corbyn was suspended because of comments made today “blaming those inside and outside the party for overstating the problem”.

So, lets get this right….Starmer suspended him because of the comments today, but not anything else but I guess when you describe the former leader as your friend….you have a lot of back tracking to do, and people are already being lined up to be thrown under the bus and making sure it doesn’t come back at him.

Starmer will do what he always does…NOTHING and he will be hoping that all this fuss will go away, but it won’t and I and many other people will make sure Starmer answers for his lack of doing anything and allowing this to continue, when he knew it was illegal.

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