Starmer’s apology is not worth the paper its wrote on, as he was part of the problem.

The apology by Keir Starmer to its Jewish Labour members is not worth the paper its wrote on. As a senior shadow front bencher he was part of the problem.

Keir Starmer wearing a suit and tie talking on a cell phone
Keir Starmer

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has published its report and it is damming for Labour and for the leadership at the time. The Labour party had broken the law in its treatment, discrimination and harassment of its Jewish members and the party should be charged by the police for a hate crime, otherwise they will never be held responsible.

Now you must ask yourself who should the police charge with this hate crime, and the answer is simple……those who were at the top of the party…i.e. the Shadow Cabinet.

The Shadow Cabinet are collectively responsible for doing nothing, and what makes it even worse is that Keir Starmer is a former Director of Public Prosecutions and he should have known better than anyone else that the party were acting illegally. He should have known that the party was breaking the law and what did he do about it??? Nothing….he did nothing.

He did not resign, he did not report the party and he did not openly question the hate crimes that were being committed by the party right under his nose. Now he either didn’t care at the time, was totally incompetent or that he was letting it carry on as it suited his bigger picture to take over the party because he knew that the people would be disgusted by what what was happening. Either way….Starmer did nothing. He always does nothing.

As a former Lawyer he did nothing. As a former Director of Public Prosecution and a QC he did nothing. He knew the law and did nothing.

He stood by and did nothing, infact he sat on the fence and did nothing whilst Jewish Labour members were being harassed, discriminated and sometimes fearing for their lives…..Starmer did nothing.

All he had to do was to resign from the front bench stating that what the party was doing was unlawful, illegal and immoral and that would have brought the end of Corbyn a lot quicker. It would have resulted in more and more people coming forward and MPs in the Shadow Front bench would have followed if they had a moral compass, but instead the majority of them including Starmer did nothing. Starmer was the inner circle and did nothing.

Starmer went into the previous election either knowing that Corbyn would lose and that his political manoeuvring would pay off even if people were fearful, or he was perfectly happy for an anti-Semite and the most hateful party in our recent history to get in. He would have if Corbyn had won been a Senior Cabinet Minister in the most anti-semetic cabinet and he would have done nothing.

Starmer is a chancer. He took the chance that Corbyn resign the leadership post, he took the chance that the disgusting hate crimes would continue to the point that the people would vote Corbyn out, and he has taken the chance that nobody would put two and two together and come up with the fact that whilst this was going on Starmer was front and centre in the shadow cabinet who allowed this to go on.

Starmer is even more dislikeable than Corbyn as we know he is an anti semetic terrorist lover, but Starmer knew both legally and morally it was wrong and HE DID NOTHING.

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