Testing and tracking is failing…time for a rethink and a change at the top….

It seems that no matter how many times Dido Harding fails the Government back her. Are they really so blind to the fact she is out of her depth. This has to stop as her tenure as head of the testing and tracing system is failing. She is failing.

Mr Penrose, a former minister, is married to Baroness Harding, the boss of the NHS Test and Trace programme
Dido Harding head of the NHS Test and Trace

Stop giving roles to people who are so out of their depth and who then lecture us despite being failures, and instead start to employ people who understand what is needed. What it needs is CO-ORDINATION and certainly not the idiotic statement of Harding is working 17 hours, 7 days a week…..PLEASE.… how stupid do these people think we the public are?????

For starters I would use the Armed forces and get the military and medical staff to go from door to door with testing kits and testing each person. This would involve knocking on doors and showing their ID and then completing the test. The houses would already be printed on the bottles as the testers would know how many people there are because of the electoral system, and the government working with town councils to get the true figure and where there are more they would have spare test kits. The word is CO-ORDINATION.

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The government would need to make sure there are enough tests and plenty of spares if necessary. CO-ORDINATION and the testing squad could do a street in an hour, the whole area where I live for starters could be done in a day and if you did this multiplied by 100s of military and medical staff doing the testing (they would wear hazmat suits), they could have the whole lot done in a couple of weeks. Then the government would know who to isolate as well as keep databases on the results and this would give the infection, survival and death rates.

This way the government would know what they are dealing with and be able to trace the virus. It would be a constant tracking and not tracing as we would have the information already, and the government could then restrict the areas where it is rising the most and as well as offer the most financial help where it is needed. CO-ORDINATION.

The issue is that the government would not even be using a blank cheque for this as the Military are already paid. The cost would be the testing kits and they must have access to testing kits, and again there must be a CO-ORDINATION between the providing and using of testing kits.

The government must make sure that companies are maximising their ability to make the kits, offering help and loans to start up if necessary. There is the overseas aid budget that could be used to purchase the kits as charity begins at home, and this home needs the £13 billion that is wasted time after time abroad.

If you go to the people they will do the test but the current testing and tracing system is not fit for purpose and neither is the person running it. She needs to be fired and bring in someone who will work with all the local government and councils to make sure that the right numbers of people are given the testing. CO-ORDINATION, and that person could well be a Senior Army Officer who will head up the department with a senior medical officer. They will coordinate with the military and the medical services to make sure that everyone in the country is tested, and be answerable to the government at any point.

That way we know where we are at for a start….to not know is like the blind leading the blind and having Harding in charge is not really give us faith in anything. We need that person or people in charge who gives us the faith in what they are doing, and who know what they are doing.

The testing and tracing needs to be run in a military fashion because at the moment to have to travel for a test is ridiculous, to wait 8 hours at a minimum is outrageous (that’s if you can get through by phone to actually book one), and people wants true facts and figures and if you can give them that then we are at a good start, but faith in the tracking and testing will only surface if you have the correct people in charge. There is currently little to no CO-ORDINATION.

You need a taskforce, the correct team in charge and make them medical and military. Get the QM’s (Quarter Masters) and RQMS’s (Regimental Quarter Master Sergeants) in charge of procuring the correct amount of kits and I can guarantee that all will be accounted for. Make the military responsible for the testing and tracing with medical people going round with them to make sure the tests done correctly, and you can test hundreds of thousands a day if not more.

The government could have this task force up and running and to a military precision because that is CO-ORDINATION, and with a Senior Military Officer in charge of the day to day testing, and the medical experts in charge of the figures and giving advice on the spike or fall in figures then we the people will have a lot more faith than we do now.

The track and tracing system is run badly because you have a person who is not fit for the role at the top of it and people can see it. We know it is the old boy’s network in effect why she got the role and it is about time the government apologised and put a proper plan into action, and the right people for the role as this virus is starting to become out of control.

The R figure is not the area that is annoying people but the fact that the whole testing system is such a farce, and that we do not have faith in it and this is making us lose faith in the ability of the government to actually get a grip, because if you cannot get a grip of the tracing system, then how do you get a grip on the virus?.

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