How convenient for them…a scapegoat…..

It seems that the enquiry into the Manchester Arena bombing has found the scapegoat that some must of been desperate for….to shift the blame and it is outrageous.

Manchester Arena security guard Kyle Lawler, who was 18 at the time, told the inquiry into the arena bombing that he was 'naive' about terrorism and struggled to radio the control room over concerns about Salman Abedi
Manchester Arena security guard Kyle Lawler, who was 18 at the time, told the inquiry into the arena bombing that he was ‘naive’ about terrorism and struggled to radio the control room over concerns about Salman Abedi

Kyle Lawler was an 18 year old Apprentice at the time and being paid £4.24 an hour as security at the Manchester Arena.

  • Kyle Lawler was security guard for Ariana Grande concert in Manchester
  • Colleague Mohammed Agha told him to radio in concern about Salman Abedi
  • But the 18-year-old struggled to radio control room and was ‘naïve’ about likelihood of a terror attack
  • Minutes later Abedi detonated his device, killing 22 concertgoers in the foyer (Daily Mail)

The young man was employed as an Apprentice ShowSec Security Guard and was struggling to contact the security room to pass on the fact that Salman Abedi was a potential risk.

I am sure this young man has gone over this time and time again and it would be wrong to blame him as he was in training, and where was the supervisor? Why was he on his own. Why did the other person not report their concerns as surely they would have known 18 year old Kyle was a trainee. Why did they not swamp the area with security guards as we all knew that terrorists were out to cause trouble, and surely someone in the security would have mentioned the risks? If not why not?

Mr Lawler was worried about making a mistake and being called a racist, and we have the snowflakes to thank for that as it seems that their only concern is making people worried about others may think of them, and as I have stated I don’t care what people think about me…never had and never will but then I am not a young 18 year old who is so nervous about his age group blasting him for being racist, that he did not know what to do….what a terrible situation to be in. I feel really sorry for him.

Maybe if we stopped making people nervous and allowed them to make the decisions based on fact and without being judged, this might make people act twice as fast.

Shame on the company for employing such a young person without the correct supervision. When I was in the Army and standing guard on the gate at 17, I still had a supervisor with me at all times and showing me the ropes and that was after months of training because they knew that the only way you can do things correctly is to be trained, and trained and trained.

I should imagine that those who let the victims down will be breathing a sigh of relief that they have found the ultimate sacrificial lamb, and I worry for Mr Lawler’s mental health as he knows what happened and that is too heavy a burden.

He saw the death and destruction all around him and now he is having to go over it again and again, and those who are ultimately responsible for using cheap unqualified staff will not take the blame, and and it doesn’t take the brains of an archbishop to see that already some will use this for the failings.

Mr Lawler is not responsible and this snowflake generation need to back off and there must be no fear of reporting those who we view as dodgy, regardless of their colour or religion. After all we have had the continual cover up of Muslim grooming gangs in Rochdale because of the fear of being racist (Muslim is not a race), and the more people fear the less likely they are to report it and we will see this dreadful thing again and again.

I feel so sorry for Mr Lawler as he was barely out of school and now this and he must be offered help and not made to live with it as though it was his fault. The ultimate responsibility lies with the terrorist scumbag who blew up the concert, and maybe the security firm will start hiring people who are trained…ex military is a good start as we can smell them out….and have no fear of being called by the snowflake generation, and they are great teachers too and you can have an apprentice to learn on the job, as they will train with the best.

£4.24 an hour is a pittance when you are asking someone to look out for terrorists as you get what you pay for and he was a trainee. Maybe, the CEO and Directors of the Security firm should be put on the stand to explain why this was so acceptable in this time and this place as we know the terrorists are hell bent on killing people.

There are no bad soldiers only bad leaders and maybe if those leaders made less profits and more care it would be a start, and get Mr Lawler all the help he will need as he will need it and he has my deepest sympathy as it is too much for such a young age to deal with.

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